The Alter Ego

The Alter Ego is an anime episode of Supernatural that was released on


Amanda is tied to a chair while Zack sharpens his knife and he talks to Amanda. Amanda realizes that this Zack is not the Zack she knows. However, the imposter stabs Amanda multiple times.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean are driving to Missouri but Sam (who is sleeping at the moment) has some flashbacks of a yellow eyed human

and a person (named Jessica) is burning. When Sam finally wakes up, Dean points to a newspaper to Sam about a murder in a rural town. Although Sam tells Dean that their main goal is to find their father, Dean suggests they should look into this case because their father would be there investigating the case.

Dean and Sam head over to the police department where they meet a beautiful cop named Katherine. As Katherine leads the two brothers to the interrogation of Zack, Zack who is crying shouts he has love Amanda dearly and claims he did not kill her. Dean and Sam look into some surveillance footage of Zack, and Sam who is very sharp notices that Zack look alike has his eyes glowed. Dean suspects this imposter is a doppleganger, and the two brothers head to Amanda's house in the morning. When Dean, Katherine, and Sam searches Amanda's house, Dean sees a picture of Katherine on Amanda's photo. Katherine admits she is a friend of Amanda. While Katherine and Dean were talking, Sam discovers a trail of blood leads to a sewer vent that is underground.

The two brothers who are armed with a flashlight and halide bullets search for the monster, but the monster ambushes Dean from behind by slamming a pipe on Dean's right shoulder. The monster moves above Sam and knocks Sam out. When Sam wakes up, he finds himself tie up with Dean talking to him. However, when Sam realizes it is not Dean, the Dean look-alike tells Sam he will be visiting Katherine. Once the monster left, Sam finds Dean below him. Dean frees himself by burning his ropes with a lighter, and Dean rushes to save Katherine after freeing Sam. At Katherine's house, Dean warns Katherine about a shapeshifter who takes the form human beings. Suddenly, Katherine pulls out a gun on Dean (she tells Dean that he is not a real cop), but Dean realizes this person is not the real Katherine (Katherine had a paper cut earlier). When the shapeshifter escapes Dean, Dean finds himself cornered by the police. Sam is walking towards the house and gets caught off guard when a cop tells him to raise his hands up. The cop turns out to be Dean.

During the drive, Sam and Dean suspects each other to be a shapeshifter. When Sam and Dean are fighting for the gun in the car, Sam who is outside of the freeway is walking towards the Impala (car) with his gun aim at the shapeshifter. Sam fires the bullet and the Impala stops right in front of Sam. It turns out that the shapeshifter took the form of Sam. In the end, Dean and Sam rescues Katherine and Katherine asks the two brothers why are they doing this. The two brothers replied "It's family business."

Monster info

Monster and descriptionWeaknesses
(what Dean's first impression of the monster)
Not Explained
Halide Bullet
Shape Shifter
(the real monster in this episode)
A shape shifter is originally human or a sub species of humans who take the form of humans to survive.
Silver Bullet

Minor characters

She's a cop.
Yellow Eyed Demon
Yellow Eyed Demon

Anime and Live Adaptation's Differences

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Characters & Voice Actors

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Yuya Uchida ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Hiroki Touchi ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Yasunori Honda Audio Director
Shigeyuki Miya Director
Takahiro Yoshimatsu Character Artist/Designer


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