The Aftermath

The Aftermath is an anime episode of The Legend of Korra that was released on 05/19/2012

Episode 7: The Aftermath

In the wake of the Equalist attacks, the city assess the damages as Korra works with Lin and Tenzin to figure out what happened. While this goes on, she overhears some troubling information that shows not only how the Equalists made their attack, but that someone close to her is an Equalist. With this new information, the investigation takes a massive turn for the worse.

Plot Summary

Lin raids Cabbage Corps. factory
Lin raids Cabbage Corps. factory

As the city goes over the damages to the Bending Arena, Tarrlok delivers a press release that Amon and his Equalists are terrorists. He goes as far as to blame the events at the arena on Lin and her metalbending troops, stating they didn't do their jobs properly. Korra rushes to the Arena, she discovers Mako and Bolin have been evicted since the Arena has to be shut down for repairs. She announces that she arranged for the two to move in with her at Air Temple Island but they politely refuse; Bolin cheerfully claiming that Asami has invited the two to live with them. Korra is visibly annoyed but agrees to meet the two at the Sato estate the next day. Meanwhile, the police receive a tip about where the Equalist warehouse was as they discover it to be accurate, shutting down Cabbage Corporations as it was their warehouse.

Korra goes to the police station to meet with Tenzin and Lin as she spots a despondent Tahno. While she states that they weren't friends, she is remorseful that Amon stole his bending. Tahno doesn't know what to do as he asks for vengeance in his name, leaving to be interrogated. Later on, Korra arrives to the Sato Estate as she is clearly impressed by the land Hiroshi built his home upon. Watching the boys have fun, Asami claims they should do something together as she takes them to a race track her father built to test new cars. She and Korra pilot a drag racer, Korra thrilled with the life Asami gets to live, assuming she was a pampered brat. Asami claims that she is right to think it but she has had training since she was a kid. Back inside, Korra overhears a conversation Hiroshi is having on the phone, stating he was the one responsible for supplying the Equalists and that he has something bigger planned.

Dismissing herself as quickly as she can, Korra meets with Lin and Tenzin, stating what she heard despite having no evidence. Lin points out Hiroshi has the resources to make the Equalist weapons as Tenzin points out his motive: his wife was killed by a firebender twelve years prior. They decide to approach him with the claim as Asami and Mako vehemently oppose accusing Hiroshi so bluntly. He laughs it off, saying Korra misunderstood him as he invites Lin and her police to check his factories for evidence. They do so but come up with nothing as Mako is convinced Korra is doing this because she is still jealous. As they begin to leave, a worker slips Korra a note as the team meats him under a bridge. He reveals that Hiroshi is indeed the culprit they are looking for and he is preparring something bigger in a factory. Knowing they searched everywhere, he states that the factory is under his house.

The Equalists show off their new toys
The Equalists show off their new toys

Going back to the Sato Estate, the police search for Hiroshi but come up empty. Asami knows he went to his workshop in the back as Lin senses an underground passage as she takes her men down below, leaving Bolin, Mako, and Asami back. In the tunnels, they discover Equalist banners and mechas, clearly pointing to Hiroshi. He attacks, revealing the hulls are made of Platinum that the metalbenders can't manipulate. He, the Lieutenant, and their men make quick work of them as Hiroshi wants to take them to Amon. However, Mako and Bolin rescue Lin, Tenzin, and Korra before being stopped. Asami confronts Hiroshi as he states that people like the benders are responsible for her mother's death and that she should join him. She instead knocks her father and the Lieutenant out, escaping with the group. As they flee, Mako apologizes to Korra as she states Asami needs him. Lin announces she failed her men, wanting to save them as she plans to put in a resignation, wanting to go after Amon outside parameters of the law.

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Ki Hyun Ryu Director Ki Hyun Ryu is a notable animation director.
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Bryan Konietzko Writer Bryan Konietzko is the co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and executive producer.
Michael Dante DiMartino Writer Michael Dante DiMartino is the co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and executive producer.


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