The Acclaimed Battle Continues!

The Acclaimed Battle Continues! is an anime episode of High School DxD that was released on 03/16/2012
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Kiba becomes entrenched in battle against Karlamine, one of Riser's knights, while Akeno fights Yubelluna, his queen. Meanwhile, Issei takes on Ravel and the other remaining pieces. Rias launches an all-or-nothing sneak attack against Riser.
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Plot Summary

The Acclaimed Battle Continues!
RomajiZessan, Kessenchū desu!
Theme Music
OpeningTrip -innocent of D-
EndingStudy x Study
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Raizer's Queen shows up and quickly dispatches Koneko from the game. Issei and Kiba then team up against the rest of Raizer's remaining pieces as the Akeno appears and the two queens duel. After realizing his newfound strength in battle, Issei learns a new ability, "Transfer Gift." He boosts the power of Kiba's sword creation technique to gain an advantage over his foes. Meanwhile, as Rias and Asia plan to stall Raizer's continuing progress, but are slowly losing ground before Issei can catch up and join the fight.

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