Shaman King #5 - The Abominable Dr. Faust

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 01/04/2005

Plot Summary

An avalanche roars through Tokyo as Yoh, the prodigal shaman of Japan, fights Horohoro, the ice-wielding shaman of the Ainu! The winner will have a shot at the Shaman King and get to write the history books...but lose two battles in a row and you'll be disqualified from the competition! Then, Yoh's next match pits him against Faust VIII, descendant of the European sorcerer who made the original deal with the devil. But unlike his ancestor, this Faust didn't come to a bloody end...that fate is reserved for his opponents...


Note: These are Japanese translations and may differ from official dub titles.

Reincarnation 36: Great Ghost, Great Sword - "Tsuyoi katana tsuyoi rei" (強い刀強い霊)

Reincarnation 37: Decision - "Ketchaku" (決着)

Reincarnation 38: A Hot Bath and a Starry Sky - "Furo to hoshizora" (風呂と星空)

Reincarnation 39: Backbone - "Hone no aru Yatsu" (骨のある奴)

Reincarnation 40: Spill Your Guts - "Hara o watte hanasō" (腹を割って話そう)

Reincarnation 41: Natural Bone Killers

Reincarnation 42: The Atrocity Exhibition - "Chōhatsu ishi" (挑発医師)

Reincarnation 43: Regarding Yoh - "Yō ni tsuite" (葉について)

Reincarnation 44: The Pale Lover - "Shiroi koibito" (白い恋人)



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