The 54th Military Tribunal

The 54th Military Tribunal is an anime episode of Valvrave the Liberator that was released on 06/21/2013
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Module 77 is headed to the Moon while the students are appointed as cabinet ministers. Akira finally speaks to Shoko and it is revealed that she is Satomi's sister. Module 77 is attacked by the Dorssians and Shoko's father is held hostage by Wartenberg.
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Plot Summary

The 54th Military Tribunal

RomajiGunji hōtei dai 54-gō
Theme Music
Opening"Preserved Roses"
Ending"Soba ni Iru yo"
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In the military tribunal, the man questioned Prime Minister Ryuji Sashinami about holding the Valvrave in secrecy. Meanwhile, Shoko chats with Akira online about the stuff they will do at the moon. Haruto meets up with Saki. Out in space, Raizou takes his Valvrave on a test run. Elsewhere, Shoko meet up with the rest of the ministers. Despite being underage, Saki finds a bar where she and Haruto can drink. When Haruto's phone vibrates, Saki smothers it with her hands after seeing that Shoko is calling. Meanwhile, Shoko receives a text message from Akira. Akira reluctantly chose to speak with Shoko, congratulating her. Then, Satomi finds out that Shoko is speaking with his little sister. Everyone battles for Shoko's phone when they discover Satomi had a little sister. Shoko grabs her phone and tells Akira to come with them to meet some new friends. Upon recalling her past, Akira screams out and frantically shuts the phone. Satomi tells Shoko that he will go and console his sister.

In the movie theater, Haruto and Saki watch a movie that Saki starred in. Then, the alarm sounds off when the Dorrsians fleet is in front of the moon. A captain speaks with Captain Kain about their strategy of exhausting the Valvrave in a long fight. L-elf has his the colony retreat to a specific coordinate. Haruto and the rest of the Valvrave attack the Dorssian fleet. L-elf tells Haruto that he purposely lured the Dorssians, so they break their formation. With the Dorssians in a line, L-elf informs Haruto to use his Hanakiri Blade. When the Dorssians request a meeting, L-elf has Shoko speak with Rear Admiral Delius Wartenberg. Rear Admiral reveals that Ryuji is sentenced to death by the tribunal. L-elf whispers to Shoko that he has located the Rear Admiral after tracking down the signal. Haruto heads towards the location. Shoko refuses the deal with Rear Admiral Delius. Ryuji laughs out loud and tells Shoko to look forward. As Haruto's Valvrave overheats, he uses the Hanakiri Blade to wipe out Rear Admiral's ship along with Shoko's father.

Suddenly, Captain Cain drills into JIOR 77's colony from below. He releases his men who invade the colony. In space, Haruto asks Saki for her hand in marriage.

Points of Interest

  • Akira's backstory is explored in this episode.

Ministers of JIOR 77

  • Minister of Culture & Science - Yusuke Otamaya
  • Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism - Juto Bansho
  • Minister of Finance - Kyuma Inuzuka
  • Chief Cabinet Secretary - Satomi Renbokoji
  • Minister for Foreign Affairs - Takahi Ninomiya
  • Minister of Health and Welfare - Rion Nanami
  • Minister of Justice - Iori Kitagawa
  • Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications - Marie Nobi
  • Prime Minister - Shoko Sashinami

Characters & Voice Actors

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