That's Really Nice Of You

That's Really Nice Of You is an anime episode of Puella Magi Madoka Magica that was released on 01/13/2011

Plot Summary

Both Mami and Kyubey explain to Madoka and Sayaka about what the duties of the Mahou Shoujo and the dangers they face fighting the witches. In order to become a Mahou Shoujo, one must wish for something and Kyubey will grant it, afterwards they must vow to fight the witches. While Madoka and Sayaka throw the idea around in their head for a bit, Mami feels that they should see first hand what they will be facing if they become Mahou Shoujo. Later the next day, the girls head off to a witches lair in a abandon building where they find a woman that is going to commit suicided. Mami transforms and saves the woman's life. She notices a marking on the woman's neck, which is a witches kiss, one of the witches curse powers. They head in to the lair where they meet face to face with their first witch. After the fight, the girls return to the real world where they find the witches remains, a grief seed or Witches seed that helps restores a Mahou Shoujo's powers. After using the seed, Mami notice that the seed can be used again and then she throws it into a shadowy hallway revealing that Homura was spying on them. Mami offers a friendly agreement as well as giving her the seed but Homura refuses. After checking on the women from before they all head home ending with a scene with Madoka finishing her drawing of herself with her Mahou Shoujo designed outfit.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Akiyuki Shinbo Director Akiyuki Shinbo is an anime director.
Takahiro Kishida Character Artist/Designer Animator who has done work on various animes throughout the years.
Gen Urobuchi Writer Gen Urobuchi is a Japanese author and the original creator of the Fate/Stay Night series.
Yuki Kajiura Music A anime composer who is known for providing music anime created by Bee Train and the .hack series.


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