Thank You Berry Much

Thank You Berry Much is an anime episode of Robotics;Notes that was released on 11/23/2012

While Kaito and friends encounter more mysterious phenomena, another solar storm suddenly hits the Earth. Meanwhile, Akiho gets the GunBuild-1 project funded and rolling full-steam ahead!

— Funimation

Plot Summary

Kaito and Junna get spooked
Kaito and Junna get spooked

Akiho is worried about Subaru and tells Kaito that they should storm his house. Kaito tells her that no one can hold their dreams forever. In the Gunvarrel cartoon, Kaito finds Junna watching it. Junna comments about the final episode that never aired, and she reveals the e-mail that occur on millions of PhoneDroid pads. On that e-mail, the message composes of lyrics to the "Kagome, Kagome" children's song. Kaito recalls the song playing in his head, and when a message beeps in, Junna and Kaito are startled. Kaito opens the message which is from Frau. In Frau's message, she asks Kaito when will he hunt down the cheaters and invites Kaito to her home. At Frau's home, Frau looks over at the top five in the leader board on Kaito's PhoneDroid pad. Kaito suspects something about TAGIRINGER, and he asks Frau how he can hunt them. Frau attaches a chip that scans the players when Kaito fights them in a match. Outside, Kaito notices someone running by. He finds Subaru sneaking around in the hangar and informs Subaru about helping Frau. Kaito notices Subaru packing up M45 and tells Kaito that he is no longer holding his dreams. Moments later, Aira comments that Kaito visits this usual spot at the park for about nine years. Kaito tells Airi that he wanted to grow up as an astronaut. After hearing Misaki losing hope over being the head of the Robot Rsearch Club long ago, Kaito states he gave up as well. Over at the Robot Clinic, Fujita listens to the news about malfunctioning powered suits with over 100 similar incidents in the past two years. Fujita recalls Misaki introducing herself as a member of the Chuo Tanegashima High School Robot Fan Club. Misaki reveals a blue print for a giant robot, and she refuses to give up when Fujita denies help to her. Then, Akiho enter the room, and Fujita snaps out of his flashbacks. Outside, Akiho finishes paying her tabs and meets up with Junna.

Frau explains Gunvarrel's secrets
Frau explains Gunvarrel's secrets

Next day, Akiho runs frantically to Kaito and states that M45 is missing. Kaito explains to Akiho that Subaru is disposing M45 and that Subaru has given up on his dream. Back at the hangar, Akiho asks Gunvarrel what should she do, and she spots something in the box. In front of Subaru's home, Akiho yells out to Subaru to catch his attention. Though, Subaru did not come to the door, and Akiho drops something in the mail box. Meanwhile at Frau's home, Kaito tells Frau that he has slow motion spasms which is not a skill. Though, Frau states it gives people super reflexes, but Kaito did not find it amusing. Frau cuddles up close to Kaito, and she asks him if he knew the reason why Gunvarrel never air its final episode. Frau mentions that thirteen staff people died and the director is missing. She explains that her real name, Kona Furugori, can be read as Kogori. The anime director is Minami Kogori which is Frau's mother. Kaito is startled by the facts, and Frau continues to explain that she has moved here. Suddenly, Kaito gets his invitation answered by BOBLEE, and Kaito proceeds to fight the player. Over at Akiho's home, Kaito explains that the player was not a cheater. Akiho comments that Kaito is a Don Juan when she learns that Kaito and Frau are alone at the time. Though, Akiho dismisses it since Kaito is more into the games. She informs Kaito that she has drop an important piece of M45 at Subaru's place.

Misaki refuses to give up
Misaki refuses to give up

Once class is over, Akiho tells Kaito that they have to work hard during the summer break, and by the hangar, they find Subaru who explains that he has disassembled M45 in front of his father. Akiho grabs Subaru's hand and places near her chest. She sympathizes with Subaru's pain. Then, Akiho asks him to race her, and after Subaru declines, he thanks Akiho for going to such lengths to help him. Kaito grins when Subaru messes up on his words, and Akiho is happy that Subaru is opening up herself. Subaru states that he is here to study and will occasionally help out. Over at the Robot Clinic, Fujita greets Mr. Pleiades which freaks out Subaru, and Akiho tells Fujita that she is bying parts for GunBuild-1. Fujita remembers how Akiho's words and determined face reminds him of Misaki.

Nae appears
Nae appears

Later, Sumio tells Akiho that they will stick a big sticker on the robot's chest that says Space Candy Company. He remarks that he will have Junna pilot the robot which will have the impact. Junna states that she cannot do it while Akiho says that Kaito will do the job. In the garage, Subaru reports that parts are okay, and Kaito recalls about the solar storms he found out from Airi. Akiho wonders if the solar storm will be worse than the 2015. Then, the Kagome, Kagome lyrics start playing on everyone's PhoneDroid Pads. Then, a lady arrives with three black vans and men in suits behind her. She asks Kaito's group to come with her for a chat.

Points of Interest

  • According to Junna, Gunvarrel is about 155 episodes long.
  • Airi comments that Kaito has visited a certain spot about 2 times a day for the past nine years.
  • Misaki works for the Exoskeleton company as the Public Relations Manager.
  • Akiho's Quote to Subaru: "Wipe your tears away and stand tall! That's the only way to see tomorrow!"
  • The episode title is Subaru's words.

Kagome, Kagome Lyrics

  1. Kagome, Kagome
  2. The bird in the cage
  3. When oh when will it ever come out
  4. In the night of dawn
  5. The crane and the tortoise slipped
  6. Who's in the front of behind?


The following quotes are from the HULU subtitle script, timestamps are approximate. In HULU, timestamps are receding.

Akiho Senomiya: "It must've hurt so much. I can tell. That little one was like your double. Like a partner. Having to take it apart yourself..."
— Sympathizing with Hibaru


  • Japanese Name: "Arigatō Gojaimashita" (ありがとうごじゃいましたっ)
  • Opening Theme: "Junjō Spectra" by Zwei
  • Closing Theme: "Umikaze no Brave" by Fumika

Characters & Voice Actors

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Kazuya Nomura Director Kazuya Nomura is the director of the Robotic;Notes anime series.
5pb (creator) Original Concept 5pb is a company that published and created Robotic;Notes visual novel game that spawn an anime and manga adaptation.
Zwei "Junjō Spectra"
fumika "Umikaze no Brave"


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