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Three organizations vie for control of the underground city Lux, where "texhnolyze" (prosthetics) are popular.


Texhnolyze is a cyberpunk-inspired anime series written by Chiaki Konaka, the writer of Serial Experiments: Lain.  The events of the anime's 22 episodes take place within the underground city of Lux.  Denizens of Lux refer to it as "the city" and treat it as a sentient force.  Three major power groups are presented in the series, each vie for controll of the city.  These groups are: The Organo, a conglomerate organisation with ties to the criminal underworld with ties to the creation of prosthetics called "Texhnolyze"; The Union, a populist group who directly interfere with the affairs of the Organo; and Racan, an outcast and marauding group of Texhnolyzed Youth.

Texhnolyze's main character is Ichise, formerly a prize fighter who loses 2 of his limb's to appease a enraged promoter. After falling into the generosity of a Doctor specialising in Texhnolyzed limb's, she chooses him to receive limb implants. Ichise is then forced to learn to live with his new limb's and find a new identity as he witnesses the major changes the city goes through.
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Name: Texhnolyze
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