Tetsuji Chuuma

Tetsuji Chuuma is a anime/manga character in the Sket Dance franchise
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A chemistry teacher who is the Sket Dance advisor in the Sket Dance franchise.


Chuuma is the Advisor to the Sket Dan club, and the resident scientist. He is very skilled with his experiments and inventions, able to build bombs and make shrinking and growth potions. however, it usually leads to chaos, often with the Sket Dan.


Tetsuji Chuuma, who is created by Kenta Shinohara, has no information regarding any inspiration used to create him. He first appears in Sket Dance volume and episode 2. His Japanese voice actor is Jouji Nakata.

Story Arcs

Tetsuji first appears when the Sket Dance team is looking after Yeti, Yabasawa's pet monkey. He was working on a bomb, and was trying to dispose of it when Yeti grabbed it, put it in his backpack, and ran around the school, requiring him and the Sket team to come up with a plan to capture the monkey.

He later appears after developing a shrinking potion, which he accidentally leaves in the clubroom, and is in a Coca-cola bottle. Bossun accidentally opens it, and gets his body shrunk into a 3 year old version of himself, to which Himeko thinks is extremely cute. however bossun gets annoyed of this, since he retained his mental age from before shrinking. Chuu goes to make a growth potion, which after getting Bossun to drink it, makes him revert to his original size, but his mind reverts to a 3-year old's one.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Jouji (George) Nakata
General Information Edit
Name: Tetsuji Chuuma
Name: 中馬先生
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Sket Dance #2
1st anime movie:
Aliases Chuu
Tetsuji Chuma
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