Teruyama Momiji

Teruyama Momiji is an anime episode of NEEDLESS that was released on 07/16/2009

A few old men who apparently have an interest in the Simeon company talk about the Needless Hunt with the Dante-pastiche called Adam Arclight, and there's also some talk about the war and the Elite Four looking for raw materials for some unmentioned evil plot.

Back at the church, Cruz/Yamada is still being treated like a slave by Eve and Adam, being forced to cook and clean by the others. A man in a white coat shows up at the church and walks into the confessional booth. Adam seems to forget that as the priest-guy, he's supposed to handle that matter. Still, Adam sits on the other side of the booth and hears the man out, who tells him that he has come to kill a man named "Adam." Eve and Cruz urge Adam not to reveal himself, but he goes ahead and does it anyways, starting a fight with the man in the church. The man says his name is Teruyama Momiji, and he has the power of the Flame Needless, and uses it to fight against Adam even though Adam simply memorizes his attacks using his own Zero Fragment.

Back at Simeon HQ, the old men talk about how they are trying to keep the truth about Black Spot and the Needless a secret because otherwise everyone will try to make their own, and how the missiles that eventually led to the creation of the Black Spot in Japan couldn't really be traced to any one country or faction. Back at the church, Adam Blade continues fighting Teruyama after Eve escapes with Cruz. Teruyama tries to use his most powerful attack and threatens Adam that if he dodges the attack it will vaporize Gido behind him. Adam proceeds to dodge it anyway, and then uses it against Teruyama.

As Gido reveals that he didn't quite die from that blast (just buried under a lot of rubble), Teruyama says he has come to seek justice against Adam Arclight. Gido tells him that this Adam is called Adam Blade, making Teruyama pause before getting smacked by Eve's attack. The three of them start getting in a big argument. Later, when everyone settles down, Gido tells Teruyama of the cost of fixing the church he broke during his fight. Eve calls him Uchida (or just Uji), and Cruz thinks he's found a comrade for Eve's stupid naming, but then another fight breaks out while Saten watches from afar (again).

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Takehito Koyasu ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Satoru Nishizono Series Composition
Hiromi Kato Character Artist/Designer
Masayuki Sakoi Director Anime Director and Animator.
Kazuo Watanabe Animation Director
Si Min Lee Animation Director


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