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Terry Cloth is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Terry Cloth is the Battle Wolf animal partner of Toriko. It has a very aquired taste and will only settle for food that has come from the Gourmet World.


Terry was born from a Battle Wolf clone during a beast fighting tournament. Toriko sensed that Terry's mother was pregnant and defended it from the other beasts while it gave birth to Terry Cloth. The birth process took a heavy toll on Terry Cloth's mother and after a brief cuddle with it's child, Terry Cloth's mother died. Toriko decided to adopt Terry Cloth as his partner beast from that point onward. He gave Terry Cloth it's name and based it on it's fur which was like a cloth.


Terry Cloth is a protagonist created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series Toriko.


Terry Cloth has grown both in both maturity and stature, as well as size since it's introduction in the story. Terry Cloth initially would not get close to humans including Toriko. This was a hereditary trait of Battle Wolves. Nevertheless, after some time, Terry became close to Toriko to the point of not hesitating to risk it's life to protect him. Terry has also become less wary of humans in general and has gotten fairly close to other humans such as Komatsu, Rin and the other Heavenly Kings. This also extended to other beasts such as Kiss, Quinn, Yun and the Obsaurus.


Terry Cloth's appearance is similar to a wolf's. It's fur is all white with a small mane around the neck. It has black eyes with red pupils and two black marks underneath either eye. Terry Cloth's size has changed drastically since it's birth. Upon birth, Terry Cloth's size was a bit larger than that of a normal adult wolf. Later Terry grows considerably larger to roughly Toriko's height and was capable of carrying Toriko on it's back. After another growth spurt, Terry Cloth becomes huge, being larger than an elephant and more than twice Toriko's height. Terry Cloth is now large enough to hold more than one human passenger on it's head alone.

An extra note on Terry would be that it's gender has not been specified due to gender neutral Japanese terms. In the official Viz translations for the manga, Terry is referred to as male, yet the official anime translations refer to Terry as female. For this reason, Terry will be referred to as "it" until further information is provided.


Despite being a wild beast of the highest caliber, Terry Cloth is normally a tame and relatively gentle wolf.


  • Toriko - Toriko adopted Terry at birth. He looked after and fed Terry and brought Terry along with him on several adventures so that Terry could develop it's natural hunting prowess. Despite an initial distance, Terry became closely bonded with Toriko after a short time.
  • Komatsu - Since Komatsu and Toriko share so much of their time with one another, Terry is around Komatsu quite a lot by extension. Other than Toriko, Terry is probably closest to Komatsu.
  • Kiss - Terry was acquainted with Kiss very early on. The two share a good camaraderie and have fought and trained together
  • Quinn - Similarly with Kiss, Quinn has a good relationship with Terry. The two met shortly after Terry and Kiss did. All 3 of them are friendly with one another despite being natural rivals.

Story Arcs

Regal Mammoth Arc

Terry Cloth traveled with Toriko for the first time to the 1st Biotope. Chief Mansam requested that Toriko go and retrieve the prized Jewel Meat from the gigantic Regal Mammoth beast. Toriko accepted, but before he could even depart, a man came approaching them from the distance, and he was carrying a huge Regal Mammoth. This man was Heavenly King Sunny. He said that there was no need for Toriko to go since he had just brought back an entire Regal Mammoth. Terry Cloth took an initial disliking to Sunny since the latter's ability involved invisible feelers that he touched everybody with. Terry could not see the feelers but felt them. But Toriko told Sunny to retract his feelers from Terry. Mansam was quick to inform Sunny that he had actually failed at his mission and that what he brought back with him was only a baby Regal Mammoth. Thus, it was decided that both Toriko and Sunny would go and retrieve the Jewel Meat from an adult Regal Mammoth and they were to be accompanied by Terry Cloth, Komatsu and Sunny's younger sister Rin.

Along the way the group got separated by a Rock Drum that kicked them hundreds of kilometers. Along the way, Terry Cloth encountered the GT Robo of Bishokukai Vice Head Chef Starjun. They faced off but Terry knew that it's strength level was below that of Starjun. However, Starjun had no interest in Terry nor a reason to fight it, so he left, leaving the Obsaurus he had intimidated into servitude behind him to fight Terry instead. But when Terry is next seen, it was riding atop the Obsaurus' back. The Obsaurus beast makes anything that defeats or intimidates it it's master and would be forever loyal unless a stronger master took it's place. Terry Cloth eventually convened with Toriko's group and Sunny's group again. Toriko managed an immensely difficult victory over Starjun's GT Robo and successfully ate and captured the Jewel Meat.

BB Corn Arc

After being around Terry Cloth for some time, the two had grown somewhat closer. Toriko however, noticed Terry Cloth's picky eating habits and realized it was due to Terry Cloth's genetics. It would not eat just anything. It needed to be high quality ingredients. Toriko decided he would take Terry Cloth along with him to Wul Jungle and they would retrieve BB Corn, which was a high quality ingredient. Along the way, they encountered powerful wild beasts. Toriko defeated most of them but stepped back on purpose so that Terry Cloth would have a chance to develop it's hunting prowess.

Eventually the duo came across the BB Corn. It was incredibly difficult to open due to the plants immense durability, but Toriko managed to open the husk and expose the corn. Even knocking out a single kernel was difficult but it was managed. They then needed to cook the giant kernel at high temperatures. There was a magma pit nearby and they decided to utilize the heat to pop the kernel. The heat needed to be precise though. After suffering numerous failures and heat over 1000 degrees Celsius, they finally managed to pop the BB Corn kernel. Terry Cloth was indeed satisfied with the quality of the ingredient and Toriko was impressed to the point that he made the BB Corn the hors d'oeuvre on his Full Course. Their satisfaction was short lived however as suddenly all of the BB Corn they had just prepared was swept away before their eyes. Looking up, they discovered that they were not alone and Bishokukai Vice Head Chef Grinpatch from a great distance had sucked up all of their BB Corn with his immense lung strength. After expressing the BB Corn's deliciousness, Grinpatch then attempted to suck in Terry Cloth to eat it whole. Toriko prevented this by attacking, which narrowly allowed Terry Cloth to escape. Toriko and Grinpatch had a short bout, but after some exchanges, Grinpatch decided that he had wasted enough time and departed.

Meteor Garlic Arc

Terry, with Toriko on it's back arrived at the 8th Biotope to meet with Coco in search of one of the ingredients of President Ichiryuu's Full Course. Upon arriving, rather than waiting to be let in, Terry leapt over the 300 meter tall wall with ease. They met with Coco and Kiss on the other side. After retrieving the ingredient, Toriko and Coco left Terry and Kiss behind and went on to Gourmet Casino to capture the Meteor Garlic.

Bubble Fruit Arc

Terry Cloth was a means of transportation for Toriko, and Komatsu to get to Eco Land to retrieve the Eco Nori. While Toriko and Komatsu went to acquire the ingredient, Terry spent most of it's time resting.

Four Beast Arc

Toriko rode atop Terry and together they went to take on one of the Four Beast bodies Gaoh. Despite the beast's immense strength and speed, Terry avoided every assault. After testing his strength against Gaoh, Toriko defeated it with a Fork Cannon to it's chest. However Gaoh was not quite finished. Due to Zebra's impatience, he turned off the recording left to them by President Ichiryuu, and the Heavenly Kings missed the part where Ichiryuu explained the true origins of the Four Beasts. They were in fact just extensions of a main body and upon it's summoning, all four of it's bodies, the others being Ivaitdeath, King Octopus Kong and Mount Turtle, convened at immense speed to the center of Human world where the main body was located. Toriko and Terry, as well as the other Heavenly Kings were quick to follow, but when they arrived, the Main Four Beast body had already re-absorbed it's "limbs and was wreaking havoc on the Center of Human World.

Once there, the Four Heavenly Kings began their assault, but all were quick to learn that the Four Beast had incredible defenses against them and none of their techniques inflicted any noteworthy damage. This continued until all Four Heavenly Kings were exhausted, poisoned and bleeding. But Terry and the other partner beasts of the Heavenly Kings were not to leave their partners helpless. Terry dashed towards the mammoth creature and ripped off it's arm, followed by Kiss attacking and Quinn taking off a leg. The Four Beast regenerated the damage though, and proceeded to torment the trio of beasts. It brutally smashed Terry into the ground and crushed it's body, then went on to brutalize Kiss and nearly rip Quinn half. But before it could abuse them any further, the Heavenly Kings combined intimidation aura diverted it's attention. While Terry and the others had stalled the Four Beast, the Four Heavenly Kings had the time to prepare their strongest combination technique, the Oushoku Bansan: the Dinner of Kings. This technique proved too much for the Four Beast to counter and it was consumed entirely.

Cooking Festival Arc

Upon the start of the Cooking Festival Battle, Terry, Kiss and Quinn left the island to seek assistance. They went to none other than Knocking Master Jirou, who realized their intent and went back to Cooking Island with them. Jirou went on to save Setsuno from Joa and prevented the latter from killing and controlling everyone present, although failed in defeating him. Terry in the meantime sought out Toriko who had just lost a brutal battle with Starjun. Terry was visibly disturbed at Toriko's condition and howled at the sky.

Billion Bird Arc

Approximately one year and a half after the events of Cooking Festival and Toriko traveling to Gourmet World, Terry was in a sparring match against Kiss and Quinn. The trio's level of power had increased so much since before that they formed an Emperor Ring. Suddenly their Emperor Ring was dispersed and naturally it diverted Terry's attention. Terry turned and looked and coming up the hill was it's partner Toriko, who Terry had not seen for well over a year. Terry leap towards Toriko and showed it's affection. Toriko stated that from then on they would be together forever.

Powers & Abilities

Immense Speed :

Terry possesses incredible speed and it has been drastically improved the further the story has gone on. Initially Terry's speed was equal to that of a Cheetah, roughly 100 kilometers and hour, but it could sustain the speed for hours. Later, Toriko stated that Terry was capable of moving at 350 kilometers an hour. At the time of the Four Beasts arc, Terry was able to travel from the edge of human world to the center of human world in what seemed like minutes. The distance traveled was several tens of thousands of kilometers. Presumably Terry's speed has increased even further now as it is much more powerful than before.

Immense Stamina:

Terry is capable of running and leaping to the fullest extent for a period of several hours and still not exhaust it's full reserves of stamina.

Enhanced Sense of Smell:

Terry has a particularly powerful nose and can track scents from hundreds of kilometers away even when it was of infant age. It is unclear however if Terry's sense of smell is as good or better than it's partner Toriko's.

Enhanced Strength:

Terry has shown considerable power, being able to rip off an arm of the Four Beast even when the Heavenly Kings had failed to inflict such a level of damage. Terry was able to leap over 300 meters high back when it was still quite young and immature even while carrying the 230 kilogram Toriko on it's back.

Emperor Ring:

Not so much of an ability, rather a sign of power. Only beings of the highest caliber such as Acacia's 3 disciples and the 8 Gourmet World Kings are capable of manifesting an Emperor Ring when fighting. It is a side effect of their incredible aura and presence. Terry formed one together while it was sparring against Kiss and Quinn.

General Information Edit
Name: Terry Cloth
Name: テリークロス
Romanji: Terīkurosu
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Toriko #3
1st anime episode: Toriko #7
1st anime movie: Gekijō-ban Toriko Bishokushin no Special Menu
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