Dragon Ball #12 - Terror Of Piccolo Daimao!

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 04/08/1988

Plot Summary

When Kuririn is killed by a lizard-like monster, Goku goes in search of the culprit and finds his most terrifying enemy yet: the evil Demon King Piccolo! Freed after centuries of imprisonment, Piccolo sends waves of monsters on a mission to find the Dragon Balls and destroy any martial artists who might oppose him. With his flying cloud destroyed, Goku finds himself lost in the jungle where he meets an unlikely new ally. Meanwhile, Kame-Sen'nin prepares a last-ditch plan to defeat Piccolo... but at what cost?

The ring is annihilated by the Kikoho Tenshinhan fired. The match became an aerial battle, and Tenshinhan won due to a small difference in when they each hit the ground.

After the tournament had ended, Kuririn is killed by somebody. Goku flies off against Kame-sennin's orders, only to fail at his attempted revenge. From the insignia that was left behind, Kame-sennin determines that Kuririn's murderer was Piccolo Daimao.

Piccolo Daimao finally appeared before Goku, who had cooperated with Yajirobe to defeat Piccolo's underlings. Goku fiercely assaulted Piccolo Daimao, but he was completely and utterly beaten to a pulp.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 133 - Desperation Move
  • Chapter 134 - Up in the Air
  • Chapter 135 - The Death of Krillin
  • Chapter 136 - Target: Tenkaichi Budokai
  • Chapter 137 - We Need You, Goku
  • Chapter 138 - The Weirdo with the Ball
  • Chapter 139 - Yajirobe's Prey
  • Chapter 140 - The Martial Artist Hunters
  • Chapter 141 - Goku vs Tambourine
  • Chapter 142 - Piccolo Descends!
  • Chapter 143 - Goku vs. The Demon King
  • Chapter 144 - Goku... Loses?


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Akira Toriyama artist, cover, writer,


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