Terra is a anime/manga character in the Kingdom Hearts franchise
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One of the protagonists of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. He is a wielder of an artificial keyblade.


Terra and Aqua train under Master Eraqus. One day, they met Ven but realizes Ven has amnesia. Four years later, Aqua and Terra participated in their Mark of Mastery Exam. Terra failed since Xehanort gave him darkness. Xehanort wanted Terra as a vessel and gave him questionable tasks. At the Enchanted Dominion, Xehanort and Maleficent helped Terra extract Aurora's heart since she is one of the seven princesses of heart. At Radiant Garden, Terra came across Braig, Xehanort's ally. Terra used darkness at Braig which scarred his eye. Xehanort declared that Terra is a keyblade master. Terra went to Destiny Islands and met Riku. He let Riku become a keyblade wielder. Terra came to the Land of Departure where Eraqus attempts to defeat Ventus. Eraqus believes that darkness took both Terra and Ven. Eraqus later dies from Xehanort. Xehanort later destroys the Land of Departure. At the Keyblade Graveyard, Terra came to Xehanort. Xehanort revealed his connections with Ven and Vanitas. When the X-Blade was forged, Xehanort sent his heart at Terra as a vessel. Terra's armor and spirit resisted. Once the X-Blade broke, Xehanort vanished. Terra vowed to find Aqua and Ven. 11 years later, he came across Sora. He confused Sora with Aqua, Ven, Riku and Xehanort. Terra and Sora battled. After the battle, Terra acknowledged Sora as a true Keyblade Master.

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Name: Terra
Gender: Male
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