Seikon no Qwaser's Teresa Beria's War Rape History

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I apologized in advance if this post disturbed you.

Purpose: To show Anime Vice Users what kind of franchises incorporate real history about women and rape (in general) into story lines. Give a rhetorical question to them.


A bit of a warning to those who are not familar to Seikon no Qwaser (Qwaser of Stigmata) franchise. This is for mature adults due its graphic nudity, fan service, rape, and violence. Reason is that Seikon no Qwaser revolves around breast feeding because soma (milk from breasts) are the energy source for Qwasers.


Seikon no Qwaser is about Sasha (Alexander "Sasha" Nikolaevich Hell) who is a Qwaser that fights the Adepts (a group of Qwasers); Mafuyu, who is caught in this fight, protects Tomo and fights alongside Sasha.

Since I don't usually watch/read these types of series, I don't have the complete intro for you. Due to the heavy religious stuff and some connections to real history, the franchise got me. I skimmed the manga until I read upon Teresa's origin story, and I stopped reading it ever since. I won't spoiled you, but if you are curious, check out her wiki page.

War Rape

In both the manga and anime, all they reveal is the country that Teresa came (Yugoslavia), what religion that Teresa came (Orthodox), and her tragic event unfolded (rape and murder of her sisters).

This is the question: Why did the creator of the franchise never explained how the war rape took place? No reason was given but hints. I had to look it up and found out the truth. I was disturbed about my findings and cannot get the stuff about rape out of my head. To the extent, I worked on Teresa's page and added the complete origin.

A redeeming quality in Seikon No Qwaser is that they add a bit of history and the memory of those who perished in the Ethnic Cleansing of Yugoslavia.

Afterword: Remember and learn from world history and its crimes of atrocities. Do not repeat history.

*Since this thread could be controversial, it could be deleted much to the female users' discretion.

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Looking back at this article

I'm such a coward wiki editor that wrote this because I was disturbed.

Like many other community members said about this franchise, what an awful show.

Here's the stuff that I did not provide information on.


In Bosnia and Yugoslavia, there is a war between two sides: Serbians Orthodox Christians and the non Serbians Orthodox Christians which included Muslims, Croatians, and more. The Serbians systematically murdered men and raped women of Muslim, Croatians, Roman Catholics, and others who weren't not Serbians.

War Rape

Rape is still an inhumane act that violates women and men. The reasons are that men rape women in order to get self gratification or to demoralize their community and country. War rape is a form of total war. Total war is where the enemy destroys morale of their opponent by destroying their cities, food, torturing civilians, and raping the women. However, war rape has other motives such as ethnic cleansing where the opposing side makes their opponent's women bear their child to make their blood thin. This becomes a genocide when the country eliminates the culture, the blood, the language, and more.

Here are the sources that I looked up online prior writing this thread:

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