Teppei is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Teppei is a famous Saiseiya, one of the Gourmet Revivers, and the grandson of the legendary Knocking Master Jirou.


As a child, Teppei wanted to become a Bishokuya. However, after witnessing the sadness of his Grandfather from seeing one of his hunting grounds turned into a wasteland, Teppei instead opted to become a Saiseiya in order to preserve and revive ingredients rather than hunt them as the Bishokuya do.


Teppei is an important support character created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series Toriko.


Teppei was a protagonist in the series, however due to brainwashing by Joa, Teppei appears to unwillingly be a part of the antagonistic organization NEO, that is in opposition against both the IGO and the Bishokukai.


Teppei is a tall man with a muscular physique, although not as tall nor as muscular as the likes of Toriko. He has light skin and light green hair, styled in a pompadour like his grandfather. Teppei also has a deep scar from the top, through his eye and to the bottom of the right side of his face. It's origin is unknown.


Teppei has a rather flat personality and claims that people in general speak too much, however he himself is guilty of over talking and needlessly expanding on topics at hand. He has a sense of justice but generally dislikes Bishokuya. He would not assist the 4 Heavenly Kings during the invasion of the Four Beast, however he did save Toriko's life, simultaneously defeating Tommyrod when the former was about to be killed.


  • Jirou - Teppei seems to have great respect for his legendary grandfather, although they have not been seen together other than a brief flashback of Teppei's childhood and again when he was being controlled by Joa.
  • Setsuno - Teppei respects Setsuno greatly, calling her an affectionate "Granny Setsuno" as Toriko does. However he is scared of disappointing her.
  • Toriko - Teppei is not particularly friendly to Torikio but has helped him greatly on more than one occasion, saving his life against Tommyrod and assisting in his recovery.
  • Yosaku - Teppei's master. Yosaku taught Teppei in the ways of the Saiseiya.
  • Sunny - The two don't interact much but have come across one another more than once. They both assisted in Toriko's recovery.

Story Arcs

Century Soup Arc

Teppei was sent in place of Yosaku to check the satus of the Gourmet Show Window, the only source of the legendary and extremely rare Century Soup. With his face hidden by a mask, Teppei joined the expedition of Bishokuya to acquire the Century soup. He was actually the very first person to arrive at the Gourmet Show Window. After encountering Komatsu there and accidentally revealing that there was no apparent Century Soup there, the employer of the expedition Mokkoi he decided to dispatch of Tommyrod who was just about to win his bout with Toriko outside the Gourmet Show Window. As a final attempt at victory, Tommyrod unleashed his capture level 82 Parasite Emperor beast. In turn, Teppei revived his Hellboros beast and the two monstrous creatures battled. After tending to Toriko and his injured team, he returned to the Gourmet Show Window. Knowing that it would no longer produce any soup, he decided to squeeze it via the Protect Tree in order to squeeze out the last drops of the soup, destroying it in the process. He agreed to give the last drops of soup to Chef Komatsu, knowing that he would be the last hope of ever recreating the soup. Moments later, Setsuno arrived and picked them up in her Umbrella Jellyfish beast as the expedition employer Mokkoi had stranded them there.

Later, Teppei travels with Toriko, Match, Takimaru and the rest of their injured team to the Country of Life where his master Yosaku lived and Heavenly King Sunny happened to be. There, everyone received treatment from Yosaku and Teppei along with Sunny personally assisted in Toriko's recovery. One year later, Komatsu managed to recreate the extinct Century Soup and invited Teppei along with Toriko, Setsuno, Match and Takimaru to enjoy it.

Shokurin Temple Arc

Teppei is visited by Toriko and Komatsu at his home. Teppei speaks of his many accomplishments as a Saiseiya such as reviving the extinct Cafe Ants, Mochi Stones and Salmon Roe Grapes. But he also told them about the Dodurian Bomb, a fruit that emitted a smell so putrid and strong, that it was considered a natural weapon and was banned. He requests that Toriko and Komatsu capture the ingredient before it ripened because it would explode and literally spread it's stench across the entirety of the Human World. Toriko and Komatsu accept, but due to passing out upon reaching the Dodurian Bomb due to its unbelievable stench, they ultimately failed and much of human world, including Teppei smelled the Dodurian bomb as it exploded, much to Teppei's horror.

Four Beast Arc

Teppei arrives at the Center of Human World while the Four Heavenly Kings engaged the massive beast. Teppei refused to help subdue the creature as he was a Saiseiya and it was the job of the Bishokuya to capture beasts. Instead Teppei utilized the Protection Tree and prevented much of the surrounding city from crumbling due to the ensuing battle. But afterwards, Teppei discovered the whereabouts of the mastermind behind the Four Beast's invasion, which turned out to be Dark Chef Joa. Teppei confronted Joa, but was warned that he would die if he got in the way. Shortly after the victory of the Heavenly Kings against the Four Beast, Teppei's head is seen resting in a large bowl full of food. He is shown awakening afterwards, indicating that it had been a dream. He found himself in fellow Saiseya Pukin's home, who was also a friend of his. She told him that Gourmet Living National Treasure Mohyan Shaishai, the greatest Saiseiya in the world had saved him. Teppei seemed to relax a bit but Pukin remarked that Teppei's scar on his face had gotten bigger. This was a possible indication that Teppei really had been cut to pieces by Joa, and may have been revived by Mohyan Shaishai.

Cooking Festival Arc

Teppei arrives with Joei
Teppei arrives with Joei

Teppei makes an appearance, riding atop the Tokage beast alongside Dark Chef Joa, towards the end of the Cooking Festival battle. Under the control of Joa who had brainwashed him, Teppei counters Zebra's sudden attack on Joa and binds him, rendering Zebra immobile.

When Setsuno attempts to battle Joa, Teppei restrains Setsuno's feet to the ground, leaving her vulnerable to the imminent attack by the Red Nitro, also under the control of Joa. However, in the nick of time, Teppei's own grandfather Jirou arrives and flicks the Nitro, blowing it's head off. Not in control of his actions, Teppei then binds his own grandfather's feet to the ground. A confused Jirou releases a burst of outrage, reverberating through the entire battlefield and startling Teppei. Jirou then does combat against Joa, only to have his immensely powerful techniques countered at every turn. Joa then decides it was time to leave and Teppei along with the rest of Joa's organization NEO, are retrieved by the Tokage beast and they retreat.


The end of friendship
The end of friendship

Teppei and other members of NEO, Shigematsu, Boneless and Kariu followed after Toriko and his group. They waited for Food King AIR to be prepared by the capable team, then ambushed them. Shigematsu knocked all but the strongest present. This distracted the more powerful people present and Teppei used this opportunity to attack Komatsu. He impaled his old friend through the back and crushed his heart right in front of him, then fell back.

Everyone present was stunned but Toriko caught the dying Komatsu. Shigematsu revealed the obvious, that they were there to take Food King AIR for themselves and NEO. It was then that Toriko blew into a fit or rage and swiftly and brutally annihilated Teppei's 3 allies. When his attention fell on Teppei, it was not so easy and the Saiseiya blocked Toriko's Newly empowered arm with his own. Toriko launched a fearsome Jet Fork technique at Teppei who narrowly dodged then countered by restraining Toriko's arm with his roots. Toriko broke out with raw power then enlarged his arm to deal a truly devastating blow. To counter, Teppei likewise enlarged his own arm and the two clashed, seemingly equal in strength, but the rage driven Toriko barely dominated the scuffle then unleashed a barrage of Kugi Punches. Teppei's right arm was terribly battered but the Saiseiya was still in fighting condition. However, realizing that Toriko was a threat to NEO, he decided to report to Joei instead and escaped via the "Back Channel".

Powers & Abilities

Teppei is a top notch Saiseiya, also highly skilled in the art of Knocking. He is quite powerful and is indicated to be stronger than the 4 Heavenly Kings. Teppei was able to easily incapacitate Tommyrod while the latter was in his unrestrained form, whereas Toriko had failed to do so, albeit Tommyrod was wounded from his battle at the time. Teppei however, was also able to easily incapacitate Zebra at the Cooking Festival battle, and was the one most responsible for capturing Zebra in the past and turning him in to Honey Prison.


Master Saiseiya: Teppei is a master Saiseiya, trained by Saiseiya Yosaku. As opposed to Bishokuya who find and hunt ingredients to be eaten, Saiseiya, preserve ingredients and attempt to revive ingredients that have gone extinct. Teppei has personally revived the formerly extinct ingredient the Dodurian Bomb.

Knocking: Perhaps inspired by his grandfather Knocking Master Jirou, Teppei has himself become an expert in the field.


Doctor Aloe - A plant that acts as a bandage but it can heal heavy injuries such as cuts, burns and frostbite.

Binding Trees - Teppei rapidly grows Binding Tree Roots that are so strong that they can hold even the likes of Gourmet Living National Treasure Setsuno for a time.

Taishin no Ne - Numerous roots that prevent earthquakes from damaging the ground and they can be used in a similar fashion as the Binding Trees. This technique was strong enough to completely restrain Heavenly King Zebra for an extended period of time and prevented him from using his sound techniques by shutting his mouth.

Shaori no Ki - A sound insulator plant. It can nullify sound directed at it. It was powerful enough to negate Zebra's Voice Missile technique.

Protection Tree - A rapidly growing plant of immense durability. Teppei was able to prevent much of an entire city from crumbling to the ground by entwining the Protection Tree around the various structures. It also has the capacity to restart a failed heart due to certain fluids in the wood.

Umbrella Tree - Another highly rapidly growing plant. It forms a sort of ceiling that blocks weather conditions, including the likes of the Four Beast's Green Rain.

Hiyoku no Tane - A seed that drastically accelerates the body's healing rate. However in exchange, it destroys some of the cells in the body first. If not properly applied, it can cause the death of the recipient before actually healing them.


Nail Injection - Teppei's index finger grows longer and he utilizes it as a syringe for administering liquid potions and the like.

Medium - A single knocking blow to the celiac plexus that paralyzes the victim.

Impact Knocking - Teppei administers knocking with his bare hands. While it deals only minor damage, it deals a great amount of pain.

Well Done - A stronger form of Impact Knocking. Teppei paralyzes every single muscle in the victim's body.

Back Channel - It is unclear if this is a power of Teppei's specifically or if he's using some other means, but Teppei can use the ability called "Back Channel". It appears to allow the user to to warp through portals, which completely bypasses high sensory utput, making it ideal not only for transport, but covert operations as well such as assassination.

Other Media

Teppei appears in the following:

  • Toriko: Gourmet Survival II (game)
  • Bishokushin's Special Menu (movie)
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Name: Teppei
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