Tenth Mourning

Tenth Mourning is an anime episode of Shiki that was released on 09/09/2010

A vampire roams around Natsuno's house. He suspects that it's the vampire he knocked out the night before, having come back for revenge. However, it's actually someone very familiar to him.

A flashback shows Tatsuki, on orders from the Kirishiki family, to settle the matter with Toshio and attack his clinic. However, Shisuka Matsuo is also one of the vampires who was ordered to attack as well, and so was not present when Natsuno came home. Megumi protests to Tatsumi that Natsuno is being targeted but he tells her they have to get rid of Natsuno as he knows their existence as well. Megumi wishes to kill and turn Natsuno herself but Tatsumi threatens to purge her if she disobeys orders. Natsuno's father discovers his son has put up talismans and holy objects in his room, and throws them out the following day. Natsuno warns Akira and Kaori not to invite anyone into their house as they may be vampires. On October 4th midnight, after Setsuko is killed, someone comes up to Natsuno's room window. Natsuno investigates and discovers the vampire sent to attack him is Toru. Ashamed, Toru runs off. Megumi encounters Toru and upon hearing his failed attempt, goes to kill Natsuno herself. Natsuno rushes out of his house to look for Toru. However, he encounters Tatsumi, who introduces himself. Tatsumi tells Natsuno that he's a threat just like Toshio and will be eliminated for the safety of their existence. Natsuno tries to run but Tatsumi has him cornered along with Megumi, who arrives. Before they can attack him, Toru appears behind Natsuno and bites him, after which the boy collapses.

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