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Abigail is a former companion of Dark Schneider. Today he's following Kal Su in his attempt to awake the god Anthrax.


Fran's assistant whose body has many zippers used to access the reserve of organs stored in her body.

Alpha Quintesson

A Quintesson enemy of the Autobots and many Decepticons as well, perhaps the most powerful of the Quintessons. It is also indicated that Alpha Q is an offspring of sorts (or maybe even part) of Unicron, and seeks to revive the planet killer.


Biollante (ビオランテ Biorante?) is a daikaiju (giant monster) from the Godzilla film series. She made her first and only film appearance in the 1989 feature Godzilla vs. Biollante.

Cobalt Claw

The Diamond of the Four Gods, Cobalt Claw has a pair of tentacles that extend out of her mask that can wrap around a foe and is able to generate an electricity.


A program that was created to destroy Digimon but became sentinet and decided to destroy the real world as well.

DD girls

The DD girls were five powerful Youma that took orders from Queen Beryl and were the last line of Defense for the Dark Kingdom.

Devil Z

God of the Decepticons, appears in the Masterforce series of Transformers. Devil Z is an energy being.


An aqautic bio-mechanical monster from Cybertron. Dweller is the creation of the Quintessons.


The evil sentient staff belonging to Nyx. Funikura grants Nyx with immeasurable magical powers but with a price usually by sexually assaulting her with his tentacles.

Ichiro Tachibana

After peeping in on his teacher Ms. Yuko he was accidentally turned into a tentacle monster his friend Lili.


A female Clown that serves the Kishin Asura and one of the Elite Clowns.

Kana Kojima

The second successful woman Haruhiko gave the Cambrian gene to.


Legion is a Decepticon from the Transformers Kiss Players manga series, it was created by Unicron's cells joining with biological lifeforms and mechanical objects

Luna Luna

Luna Luna is a warrior of the Calibala tribe located in the hinterland of the Southern Jungle and is the guardian of its historic ruins. She fights by dancing, using two ring blades or using her four tentacles that extend from her hair.

Mantis Being

The first Awakened Being Clare ever fought.

Medusa Dicks

A futanari demon from Hell, whose nipples, tongue and upper back all consist of functional penises. First appearing as an extra in Venus Domina, she was later promoted to the primary antagonist of Igrat X.

Murasaki Yatsu

Murasaki Yatsu is a demon-slaying ninja in Demon City Tokyo along with the Dark Knight Ingrid. She wields a massive battle axe.


Oboro is a former anti-demon kunoichi and the commander of the Oboro Forbearance Army. She was killed Asagi Igawa then revived by the evil spirits of the mountains and rivers.


A massive one-eyed space dwelling robeast which siphons power from anything it wraps it's tentacles around.

Parasite Green

One of the mutants that serve Rasputin. Has the ability to control plants and infect people with spores.


One of the Abyssal Ones. She was the first #1 Claymore of the female generation and the youngest to awaken. Despite her young appearance she has been alive for a long time and is very powerful.

Saki Mikimura

The younger sister of Makippe and girlfriend of Rokurou Ozu. Saki is also a Devilman whose legs have been transformed into vines.


A member of the Predacon Pirate Seacons. She is in love with the Maximal named Scuba.

Sheliss Elleness Zurbach

A Demon Princess who arrived in Tokyo to track down a sex demon.

Squid Girl

A squid girl who claims to be "A Messenger of the Sea" and wishes to invade the land after getting tired of humans polluting the ocean.


A squid-like Decepticon Seacon, can combine with Snaptrap to form King Poseidon, there are many Tentakils.


A demon from Devilman

White Rabbit

One of the Elite clowns that resides on the moon with the Kishin and Justin Law. White Rabbit has the ability to phase through walls.

Youko Suzuki

A girl at Jun's school who is part of the swimming club, that developed the Devil Beast Syndrome and could turn into a demon octopus. She was disgusted of her appearance and jealous of Juns beautiful form that she wanted to reveal her true appearance to the school.


An immortal killing machine. It is the ultimate being and is virtually indestructible. In addition to being extremely powerful Zeiram can generate imperfect clones of itself to assist in battle.

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