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Young punks Soichiro Nagi and his best friend, Afro-Japanese Bob Makihara, join Todo Academy, a high school with a high delinquent population and a number of martial arts clubs that fight for supremacy under the iron regulation of the student council. They meet up with the stunningly beautiful Natsume twins, Maya and Aya, and are drawn into a closed world of highly advanced skills and unruly emotions. Both sisters see something special in Soichiro; Aya falls for him, and Maya, whose ex-boyfriend allegedly killed his best friend, their brother, sees him as a fighter with huge but as yet untapped potential. The pair find themselves in the twins' exclusive Juken club, opposed to the student council and its powerful, mysterious leader Mitsuomi, who also happens to be Maya's ex. The combination of teenagers simultaneously flouting authority and regulating their own anarchy through hierarchies as arcane and restrictive as anything in the adult world is familiar-just compare to Boys Over Flowers or Utena. But don't come here for philosophy because you'll get eye candy instead; TT is all about defying the laws of physics and gravity with slam-bang fighting action and enormous breasts. Based on the manga by "Oh! Great," the TV series led to a two-part video spin-off from the same director, entitled TT: Ultimate Fight, and a prequel "special," TT: Past Chapter (2005). LNV

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General Information Edit
Name Tenjho Tenge
Romaji: Tenjo Tenge
Publisher ?
Start Year 2004
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Aliases Everything Above Heaven Everything Under Heaven
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