Tengu Brunch

Tengu Brunch is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Tengu Brunch is a chef of incredible skill, and is currently ranked as the 3rd greatest chef in the world by the IGO Chef Ranking.


Brunch is said to have come from Bewitching Food World in Gourmet World. Brunch had previously appeared in his first Cooking Festival a few years ago but became the “far-and-away champion. Besides this not much of Brunch’s past is known.


Brunch is created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro as one of the supporting characters. His appearance and name is mainly inspired by the Tengu, a mythical creature from Japanese folk religion. His personality could also be inspired by the Japanese idiom Hitori (Lonely) Tengu which is used to describe an arrogant person.



Brunch is a tall man with red skin and white hair mainly in a ponytail. He also has a long nose similar to a Tengu’s. Brunch also has piercings on his nose, forehead and his left ear. He also tends to keep a scowling facial expression which reveals his sharp pointed teeth. There are two small rectangular covers on Brunch’s neck which hides two slots for batteries.

Brunch is mainly seen wearing a black shirt with a white jacket and white pants. He also uses one-tooth tengu-geta with black straps for footwear.


Brunch is often called the "Problem Child" of Chefs due to his quick temper and sometimes uncaring attitude. Despite this, it is shown that he takes his positions as a chef seriously and has a love for food. This is mainly shown by him leaving the plates and glasses with food intact when he landed on the Four Heavenly King’s table. He is also shown to have a sympathetic side during his fight with Elg by commenting on Elg’s true appearance being “normal”.

Story Arcs

Cooking Festival Arc

While most of his competitors reach the second part of the Triathlon Cooking in Cooking Festival, Brunch wakes up late in his hotel room at Hotel Cooking inside the stadium after drinking too much Kappa Fin Sake. Brunch then leaves his suite and stands vertically on the hotel walls to look at the fully packed stadium. He quickly gets annoyed with everyone in the stadium and lets out a loud shout that cracks most of the overhead stadium lights. He is quickly quieted down by Heavenly King Zebra’s Sound Bullet attack. He immediately disperses it and instantly appears before the Four Heavenly Kings at their table. Brunch comments on Zebra’s attitude being exactly like the Daruma Hermit describes and later learns about Toriko’s combo partner Komatsu. Brunch becomes interested after being told he has no chance against him and quickly goes off to meet him.

Brunch instantly catches up to Komatsu who had fallen to last place and just got out of the water. He becomes disappointed after learning that he is Komatsu. He then checks to see what ingredients are left and comments on the poor quality of the remaining ingredients. However, Komatsu disagrees with his comment and looks at the ingredients. Brunch then notices the ingredients start glowing and realizes that Komatsu can hear the Voice of the Ingredients. Brunch and Komatsu decide to take the rest of the ingredients and begin the second part of Triathlon Cooking.

Brunch easily overtakes his competition in the second part of the triathlon while carrying Komatsu through his incredible speed and fowl tactics. He manages to catch up to the leading group, Setsuno, Zaus and Yuda, and manages to past them before they reach the finish line alongside Komatsu. He then gets into an argument with both Setsuno and Zaus about dominating the cooking industry and being hindrances. Brunch passes both preliminary events and makes it to the Championship Tournament where his first opponent is Livebearer.

Before the Championship Tournament begins, Brunch puts in some fresh batteries and notices a presence. After the Gourmet Corps arrive at the festival to kidnap the chefs, Brunch is quickly annoyed because they are ruining the festival. Brunch and the other chefs begin to attack the Scum Beasts that are rampaging throughout the stadium. Brunch is then approached by 1st Branch Chief Elg, who was excited that Brunch joined Cooking Festival. Brunch instantly attacks him and he quickly falls to the ground. However, Elg begins to get up once again and his bandages fall off.

While Elg tries to introduce himself, Brunch delivers a quick electrical attack seemingly killing him. To Brunch’s surprise, Elg gets up once again and tries to counteract him. Brunch dodges his attack and retaliates with Parallel Electric Chop but Elg lunges at Brunch seemingly unfazed by the damage. Brunch dodges Elg’s attack and he learns the secret behinds his endurance is Elg’s lower Herak body. Brunch tries to use Lightning Kitchen Knife to destroy Elg’s cells but is surprised when they all regenerate into new bodies. Despite Brunch’s best efforts, the Elg clones quickly overwhelm him to the point of being seemingly unconscious. However, Brunch converts the damage he took from their attacks to unleash one final electrical attack. Taking advantage of their lower resistance due to blood lose, Brunch uses Series Great Electrification Attack which electrically charges the target causing the current to stay in the body forever. After a few regeneration attempts, Elg’s cells give out and he returns to his true face. After seeing his face, Brunch tells Elg that he would be normal and good-looking if they were in his village. Elg ruminates on these words as he disintegrates. Brunch then leaves to go and recharge himself.

Brunch and many others notice Joa descending onto the battlefield alongside Teppei riding Tokage. He is almost caught in Joa’s Ten Million Slice Fillet that Setsuno tried to block. Brunch, along with the other remaining people, is surprised by Knocking Master Jirou’s appearance. Brunch comments that nobody from the Bewitching Food World could yell like Jirou. He and the rest of the world are soon paralyzed by Jirou’s Grand Knocking. After Midora's Meteor Spice devastated much of Human World, Brunch returns to Gourmet World early to get more ingredients.

Food King Air Arc

Brunch meets up with the Four Kings and Komatsu in his home village in Gourmet World. Melk the First is there with him. He is later seen as Komatsu prepares Air while Toriko stalls the Horse King Heracles, which is protecting it. He is shown wielding an immensely long and heavy kitchen knife, made by Melk, several times his body length.

Powers and Abilities

Brunch is shown to be an extremely skilled chef due to his high ranking of third. This is also shown by his victory in the first cooking fest he participated in. He specializes in Bizarre Cooking.


  • Electricity Manipulation: Brunch is able to produce over 100,000 amperes of electricity with an average 100 million volts that discharges in only 0.1 seconds from the batteries in his neck. He can use it for offensive purposes or for utility such as boosting his speed and reactions. When preparing for long distance attacks, Brunch makes a path in the air, Stepped Leader, at 200 km/s or 600 Mach to lock onto his opponents. He then unleashes the discharge, Return Stroke, at 10,000 km/s or 30000 Mach.

  • Superhuman speed: Brunch displays incredible speed without the use of his electricity such as being able to appear before the Four Heavenly Kings seemingly instantly and finishing the Triathlon first despite entering last.


  • Parallel Electric Punch: Brunch throws a punch and sends a high voltage of electricity at his opponents to destroy their cells.
  • Unnamed Attack: Brunch electrocutes a target and tosses it at another target in order to cause an overload.
  • Parallel Electric Chop: Brunch raises his hand and generates a bolt that he sends to his target. The discharge is equivalent to a natural lightning strike.
  • Lightning Kitchen Knife: Brunch produces a concentrated burst of electricity to create a blade which he can hold.
  • Spiral Lightning Fine Cut: Brunch uses the knife to make a large, spinning slash that destroys the target at a cellular level.
  • Parallel Electric Cutter: Brunch concentrates the electrical current to cause burns to the target as if they were cut by blades.
  • Electric Knife: Brunch stabs his target with his hand while it is electrically charged.
  • Wind Thunder Sickle Weasel: A faster version of Parallel Electric Cutter in which Brunch blows past his target and cuts them with electrical blades.
  • Secret Technique - Series Great Electrification Attack: Brunch, at first, absorbs a large amount of energy and converts it to electricity to create a large blast. The attack also electrically charges the target and causes continuous electrocution if regeneration occurs.

Other Media

Toriko: Ultimate Survival (Nintendo 3DS)

General Information Edit
Name: Tengu Brunch
Name: ブランチ
Romanji: Buranchi
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Toriko #24
1st anime episode: Toriko #124
1st anime movie:
Aliases Bizarre Cooking Tengu Brunch
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