Why was Tenchi Muyo! so weird?

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@ronki23: Okay you seem to be miss understanding something if you thing there should be three counter forces for three goddesses and the fact that it was Misaki is the biggest twist in the history of Tenchi, it is almost like Aizen's reveal.

Ayeka chasing Ryo-ohki and catching her in universe makes a lot of sense, because in universe, they are not as powerful. in fact universe is an alternate timeline in the Tenchiverse, like in tokyo, duel, the manga, tenchi in love 1 & 2, Tenchi daughter of darkness the mihoshi special and Sasami's magical girl series.

War on Geminar is in fact the story of Tenchi's baby brother who was sent to an alternate universe by Washu and Tokimi. GxP is what happened a year after the third OVA and Tenchi and the girls make an appearance in the show about mid-way.

In the end all of these are apart of the Tenchiverse and there will be a fourth ova that focuses on Ryoko Ayeka and tenchi's two daughters as well has Seina's son and Tenchi and Washu's son has already had an arc about him and his wife Masaki who is also the sister of the very first emperor.

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