Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar Characters

Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar is an anime series in the Tenchi Muyo franchise
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Aura Shurifon

Aura is an Elf Princess of the Shurifon Kingdom.

Babalun Mest

The chancellor of the Shtrayu empire. He is the main antagonist.

Ceres Tyte

Ceres is a student at the Holy Academy who, Kenshi quickly becomes friends with when he becomes a member of the Holy Academy.

Chiaia Furan

Chiaia is the bodygaurd of Queen Lashara. She also is the one who usually put Kenshi in his place when he wonders off.


Is the leader of a group of bandits.

Dagmyer Mest

Dagmyer is the son of Babalun. He is also a student at Holy Land Academy.


Emera is an ally of Dagmyer. She does some of his dirty work without receiving any deserved recognition.

Flora Nanadan

Flora is the Queen of Havoniwa. She is aslo the aunt of Lashara and mother of Maria.


Hannah is a person handling many of the work force under the ground of the Academy.


Is the girlfriend of Ceres Tyte.

Kenshi Masaki

Kenshi is the half-brother of Tenchi Masaki of the OVA series Tenchi Muyo! Kenshi wakes up on an unknown world with no knowledge of how he got there.

King Shurifon

He is the father of Aura Shurifon and the King of Shurifon.


Koro is a two tailed creature that has a resemblance to Tenchi Muyo's Ryo-Ohki.


Is the daughter of Cordyline, who is the leader of the bandits she is apart of.

Lapis Lars

Lapis is the assistant of President of Holy Land Academy Student Council, Lithia.

Lashara Aasu

Due to the death of her father, Lashara became the Queen of the Shtrayu Empire. Lashara is the one that took Kenshi in and gave him a home.

Lithia Po Cheena

Lithia is the President of Holy Land Academy's Student Council.

Maria Nanadan

Maria is the cousin of Queen Lashara. Also, Maria is the princess of country, Havoniwa.


Maya is the servant of Lashara.

Mexiah Furan

Mexiah is the martial arts teacher for the Holy Land Academt. Her sister is Chiaia and unlike her sister she shows great fondness for Kenshi.


Morga is the previous Student Council Head before Lithia.

Nawa Furan

He is the father of Chiaia and Mexiah Furan.


Ryo-Ohki is a creature that was created by Washu, who has a mental link with Ryoko making them sisters. She can transform into a space ship and later gains the ability to turn into a girl.

Ulyte Mest

Ulyte is a popular person throughout the Holy Land Academy. He is also the uncle of Dagmeyr and younger brother of Babalun.

Wahanly Shume

Wahanly, is the genius inventor that builds all her amazing creations for Queen Lashara.

Washu Hakubi

The self proclaimed Greatest Scientific Genius in the Universe. Mother of Ryoko and creator of Ryo-Ohki.

Yukine Mare

Yukine is the servant of Maria Nanadan. She is reserved, quiet and very shy.

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