Tenchi Muyo GXP Concepts

Tenchi Muyo GXP is an anime series in the Tenchi Muyo franchise
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Beings from another planet.

Bathing Scene

Bathing Scenes, while occasionally meaningful to plot or character development, are generally excuses for fan service.

Chick Magnet

All the girls fall in love with him.


Nearly every anime has a comedic moment here or there. Everyone likes to laugh.


A concept where several characters from different, separate stories and series meet up.


A couple who have made an official vow to stay together.


Bleeding from the nose, in manga/anime it mostly used as a sight gag that happens when a character is thinking or witnessing something perverted.


A Pirate is one who steal at sea or and plunders at land. It can also be a term used for adventurers who don't follow the laws of the land.

Science Fiction & Robots

A popular genre of anime and manga featuring advanced science often in a futuristic setting. Giant fighting mechs are particularly popular.

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