Tenchi Masaki And Kami Tenchi

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Hi i want to know Tenchi Masaki and kami tenchi are the same being? So Tenchi masaki at his strongest level is omnipotent?
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@Lupin879: From what's been shown in the series, Tenchi is some sort of avatar for the higher being known as Kami Tenchi. All that is known is that he's easily the strongest character in the series surpassing the Choushin and the Counter-Actor in power. It was never directly revealed or implied that Kami Tenchi is omnipotent within the series or from other official sources, though there are some folks that think he is.

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In the anime we are talking about the Chousin, they say they are omnipotent, but they found a contradiction: Can an omnipotent being create a superior to him in power? If he is not omnipotent, but if it can not do it will not be the same omnipotent, because he can not in this case. But is Tenchi Masaki the same person of Kami omnipotence?

PS I would like to make action figures of Kami Tenchi as it appears, a white shadow in the shape of Tenchi Masaki, I thought to paint a totally white Tenchi Masaki Action Figure 12 Inches what do you think? This is a good idea?

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Yes so official Tenchi masaki is the kami he isn't an avatar interview with the author tenchi is a kami ? Yes
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