Tenamonya Voyagers

Tenamonya Voyagers is an anime series
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Paraila was a agent for a war organization in space, but was accused of betrayal. She escaped from jail and formed a team with clueless school teacher, a bazooka lover girl and her former sidekick.

Rookie schoolteacher Ayako Hanabishi volunteers for a posting in the middle of nowhere only to find that the school has closed down before she arrives. Far from home with no money, she meets Wakana Nanamiya, a Japanese girl on a sports scholarship, who is also stranded. The brash, tough girl Paraila has never seen the girls' homeland, and she inspires the others to pool their resources and head for home. However, their train is attacked en route, and the girls realize too late that Paraila is wanted by the police and using them as cover. So begins a road-movie setup that would make a perfect live-action film of the week, somewhat redundantly transformed into an anime space opera. Compare to AWOL, which similarly augmented a real-world drama with pointless sci-fi trappings. An inferior Japanese fish-out-of-water comedy to Tsukimura's earlier El Hazard, TV mixes obvious quick fixes (a space-going bullet-train after Galaxy Express 999) with halfhearted visual gags (spaceships like battering rams that deposit a 20th-century police car inside a criminal's ship). There are regular breaks for cheesy shots of Tatsue Yokoyama, the dogged police officer who never quite catches them-the filmmakers would have you believe that this is an "homage" to pulp detective shows of the 1970s, though it looks suspiciously like a poverty of ideas masquerading as irony. There are some genuinely funny moments born of the onscreen ensemble, and occasionally some tongue-in-cheek observations in the style of a poor man's Gunbuster, but like so many 1990s anime comedies, TV thinks it's a lot funnier than it really is (see also Jubei-chan the Ninja Girl), and it stops abruptly with a cynical narration that unhelpfully adds, "And for some reason, this is the end." It will, however, remain forever in the anime history books as the first to be released in the U.S. straight to DVD without ever gracing the old-fashioned VHS format.

Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Akiyuki Shinbo
Ryoe Tsukimura
Masamichi Amano
Masashi Kubota

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Name Tenamonya Voyagers
Name: てなもんやボイジャーズ
Publisher Pierrot
Start Year 1999
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