Ten Commandments Sword

Ten Commandments Sword is a anime/manga thing
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This is Haru's main weapon that houses the Rave Stones and changes its abilities according to different Rave Stones.


This sword and the Raves are only used by the Rave Master. It used to belong to Shiba, the first Rave Master. Now, it is in the hands of the second Rave Master, Haru Glory. The purpose of the sword is to store and use the Rave's powers to destroy Dark Bring. It is up to the Rave Master to find the five raves to complete the Rave power with the help of Plue and the others.

Ten Commandments Table

SwordsRaveEpisode or Volume
Eisenmeteor (sub) or Decaforce (dub) "Metal Sword"NoneEp. 1, 22 (Revealed Name)
Explosion "Explosive Sword"1st RaveEp. 1
Silphalion or Silfarion "Sonic or Mach Speed Sword"Rave of KnowledgeEp. 15
Runesave "Sealing Sword"None?Ep. 22


Eisenmeteor is a regular sword that magic cannot touch. Haru explains when he inflicts damage on Sieg Hart. The problems with this sword is that it has no other abilities.

Explosion is Haru's first Rave powered sword that deals fiery explosions on his enemies. The problems with this sword is that it can wear out the user like lowering their stamina.

Silphalion is Haru's second Rave powerd sword that allows Haru to move at sonic speed and attacks with lightning speed as well. The problems with this sword is that it cannot deal heavy damage.

Runesave is Haru's fourth sword that is "discovered" in the Mystery of Elie arc. It is unknown if this sword needs a Rave. The Runesave sword allows Haru to seal magic and cut elemental things. The problem with this sword is that it cannot cut physical objects, so it is useless on a non magic foe.

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Thing Name Ten Commandments Sword
Japanese Name:
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Aliases Decalogue
Ten Powers (manga)
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