Temptation is an anime episode of Blue Exorcist that was released on 08/07/2011


The Gregori Council agrees to take Mephisto's wager to use Rin as a weapon; Rin defeats Amaimon. Afterwards, Rin encounters resistance from Konekomaru who is afraid and Ryuji who will kill Rin if Rin harms his friend. Rin undergoes training with Shura and Yukio; Shura asks Yukio about his daily check ups if he is worried about becoming a demon. Meanwhile, Konekomaru gets attacked by a demon, and the same demon attacks Rin and Kamiki.

Plot Summary

Amaimon Stone Golem
Amaimon Stone Golem

The Gregori Council asks Mephisto if Rin is moving. Mephisto asks them to order him to release Rin to defeat the enemy. Meanwhile, the exorcists take care of the demons with machine guns, but when Amaimon appear, their guns do not work on him. Arthur and Shura appear before Amaimon. Arthur and Shura destroys Amaimon's Behemoth. In the trial room, Shura and Arthur are knocked through the door. Amaimon appears in a giant stone replica of himself. After Amaimon smashes the blue crystal, Rin drops to the ground. Although Arthur thinks Mephisto set this scheme, Mephisto replies that Arthur should be more worry about the council's safety. An exorcist shoots Amaimon's earth hand to free Rin. After Mephisto snaps his fingers, Ryuji appears with the Kurikara. He throws to Shima, and then Shima throws to Kamiki. She throws to Yukio. Amaimon hits Yukio which causes Yukio to crawl towards Rin. He places the sword on Rin's back.

Rin stabs Amaimon
Rin stabs Amaimon

In Rin's dream, he hears his heartbeat and awakens with his blue flames. As Rin unsheathes his sword, a part of the earth giant is broken. Rin tells Amaimon that he is not dead yet before killing Amaimon. Stabbing Amaimon's body, Amaimon's last words are "I'm the Earth King. I can't lose. Brother!" Rin collapses on the floor, and as Arthur prepares to slay him, the Gregori Council stops him because they already taken Mephisto's wager to use Rin as a weapon against Satan. At True Cross Academy, Mephisto declares that they are officially raising Rin, the son of Satan. Yet, the elder exorcists are worried and are against his idea, Mephisto winks and tells them that they are gambling on making Rin a weapon against Satan.

Shiemi and Kamiki glance at Rin
Shiemi and Kamiki glance at Rin

Outside of the room, Yukio asks Mephisto if he really believes that Rin is the savior of Assiah. Mephisto states the two conditions set by the Gregori Council: make Rin pass the exorcist authorization exam and that someone must watch Rin at all times. Mephisto entrusts Yukio to watch Rin for the second condition. Yukio makes a disgusted face after viewing his cellphone's message. In Rin's flashback, the female sword smith tells Rin to handle the sword with care. Kuro asks Rin if he should be going to school. In the class, Ryuji, Konekomaru, and Shima are catching the little demon flies (Coal Tar). Rin enters the room and greets everyone. When Rin asks to help Konekomaru, Konekomaru refuses his offer. Kamiki explains that Konekomaru is afraid of Rin. Rin smashes the wall which causes the pipe to burst. Bursting out of the pipe, a large swarm of Coal Tar surrounds Shiemi and Kamiki. Rin uses his flames to burn them away, yet Shiemi notices the flames are not hot.

Ryuji stops Rin, and he reminds him that these flames kill his temple's people, Shima's oldest brother, Konekomaru's parents, and Rin's father. Rin is stunned; Ryuji refuses to be friends with Rin under the Vatican's orders. He tells Rin that if Rin hurts his friends, he will kill Rin. Yukio grabs Rin out of class, and he explains that Rin is taking a separate class for training. He tells Rin that he has six months to train until the exam. As Rin bats the ball in a cage, Yukio states that Rin must earn trust, and Shura appears in a purple robe-like-kimono. She hands him a candle and tells him to light them with his blue flames without using the sword. Rin lights all three candles with failed attempts. Shura explains that Rin is afraid and that the flames will control him. She notices Yukio looks like he is "constipated" but he is just stressed. Shura tells him to come along with her and shows him where they bet lunch a long time ago.

Rin burns their clothes off
Rin burns their clothes off

In a flashback, Shura beats a young Yukio. After Shura leaves and tells him that he is treating her to lunch, Shiro pats Yukio who is moping that he cannot surpass Shura. As the flashback ends, Yukio asks her to stop calling him "scaredy cat four eyes" if he wins the infinity mode. During the infinity mode training, Shura tells Yukio that the Vatican also spies on him (a spy in the southwest corner) because Yukio has Satan's blood in him. Yukio replies that he does not have Satan's power, but Shura asks him about his daily check ups. She asks him if he is scared that he will be like Rin someday and tells him to be careful. Rin gets angry that Shura and Yukio are swatting balls effortlessly. He burns their clothes off with his blue flames much to Yukio and Shura's surprise.

Konekomaru stares at the stars
Konekomaru stares at the stars

Rin states that he has control that he only burn their clothes but not their undergarments. As Yukio leaves, a bunch of purple spots appear under his arm (near the armpits). Meanwhile, Konekomaru asks Ryuji who he is trying to surpass such as Kamiki. Ryuji replies that he will surpass Rin (become an exorcist before Rin) because it will be a sin to Konekomaru's parents if he fails. Outside, Konekomaru stares at the stars and remembers that Ryuji wants to be strong after witnessing Rin fighting Amaimon. A voice suddenly talks to Konekomaru and asks him if he is afraid. The voice tells him to accept that he will lose someone that he love.

Kamiki reminds Rin of her name
Kamiki reminds Rin of her name

In the hallways, Rin struggles to light two of the candles, and Kamiki appears behind him. She explains that she forgot her pen case in class. After Rin explains his exercise, Kamiki reminds him that her familiars betray her because her will falters. She tells him that this incident is like Rin's flames, and she asks Rin if he is afraid. When Rin agrees, he asks Kamiki if she is afraid of him due to his bloodline with Satan. Kamiki replies that there is a lot of demon half breeds in the exorcists ranks. Rin thanks Kamiki and calls her "eye brows." Kamiki repeats her name for him, and she blushes while denying that she is encouraging him. Suddenly, the shadows throw something at Rin which Rin deflects. The shadows that has red eyes (that attacked Konekomaru earlier) charges at Rin and Kamiki.

Points of Interest

  • The episode covers a portion of chapter 15.


  • Japanese Name: "Yūwaku" (誘惑)
  • Manga Chapter: Chapter 15 (Volume 4)
  • Opening Theme: "In My World" by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D
  • Ending Theme: "Wired Life" by Meisa Kuroki

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Kazue Kato Original Concept A writer, illustrator, and mangaka. Creator of the manga Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist).
Tensai Okamura Director He's the creator of Darker than Black and a director for many shows.
Takashi Kojima Key Animator Animator
Ryota Yamaguchi Writer
Hiro Maruyama Producer


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