Temptation of the Maiden

Temptation of the Maiden is an anime episode of Golden Boy that was released on

Lesson 2: Temptation of the Maiden

Kintaro Oe has made his way to a small town to help the local mayor in his election campaign. Along the way, he runs into the mayors daughter Naoko Katsuda who seems to be an angelic figure. However, she has more up her sleeve than simply asking for help with her homework.

Plot Summary

Kintaro is at the mansion of his new boss as he is waiting for a package. While waiting, he spots a beautiful girl on the landing above, becoming smitten with her. He receives the package and makes his way back to the office where he reveals that he now works in the campaign office of the local mayor who has friends in all sorts of places. From the Yakuza to the female population, Mayor Katsuda is a shoe in for the next election. However, Kintaro hears about how overly protective he is of his daughter Naoko, the girl he saw earlier. The Katsuda's house maid says she can not work for a while as Kintaro vouches to work double shifts to help out at the mansion.

While at the mansion, he begins to covet the toilets once more as Naoko surprises him, causing him to go head first into the bowl. Naoko apologizes as she leads him to her room so he can dry off. As Kintaro is adjusting himself, he notices how Naoko begins to change clothes as if he is not in the room. He turns around and tries to ignore the fact that his boss's daughter is in the room but can't help to stare in the mirror. Naoko finds it amusing as she thinks about how she is untouchable due to her father's status and that she'll toy around with him some more.

Naoko plays opossum with Kintaro
Naoko plays opossum with Kintaro

The next day, she spots Kintaro hanging up fliers for her father as she pretends to swoon so that Kintaro would have to grope her breasts. He is smitten by it but notices how she is not wearing a bra or panties. He tries to nicely put her down as she gives him an invitation to meet her in her room that night. He goes there as she seduces him but says that she needs help with math homework. Kintaro obliges as Naoko continues to think her sexual thoughts about Kintaro and how she is protected.

Over the next few weeks, Kintaro goes back and forth between helping out at the campaign office and assisting Naoko with her homework. With each meeting, she acts more lecherous towards him in hopes to either break him as her thoughts become more perverted and misandric as she knows Kintaro is nothing more than a pervert. As the campaign comes to an end, Naoko wears a revealing bathing suit in front of him as she is able to swipe his notebook from him. As she looks through it that night, she sees that Kintaro saw right through her and was doing everything in his power to help her. She claims she will get revenge the next day.

Naoko's father isn't too pleased with Kintaro
Naoko's father isn't too pleased with Kintaro

The next day, Katsuda wins the election as the campaign staff is getting ready to celebrate. Kintaro is desperately looking for his notebook both there and in Naoko's room as Naoko grabs a pair of scissors and cuts her clothes. She gives the scissors to Kintaro before screaming her head off. Katsuda and his men run into the room where Naoko accuses Kintaro of sneaking in and attacking her. Naoko thinks that Kintaro will beg for mercy but he instead kisses her and states his love for Katsuda's daughter. Katsuda orders his men to beat Kintaro to a pulp as Naoko sees her damage unfold. She sees that Kintaro was trying to protect her and help her out. She cries out as she gets the group to stop, apologizing profusely as Kintaro requests that she could have jumped in sooner.

As Kintaro prepares to leave town, Naoko gives him back his notebook as she promises to change her attitude and not live in her father's shadow. She runs off as Kintaro leaves town. Katsuda and his men tail him as Katsuda is willing to let Kintaro off the hook, stating his respect for a man like that who doesn't make excuses. Later on, Kintaro finds that Naoko left a pair of signed underwear in his notebook, asking for him to come back soon.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Tatsuya Egawa Original Concept Former Math Teacher who quit after five months to start in career in the field of Manga.
Toshihiro Kawamoto Character Artist/Designer
Hiroyuki Kitakubo Director
Yasuhito Kikuchi Storyboard
Kazufumi Nomura Producer Producer for various anime series.


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