Tekken Movie Trailer: Watch On Mute

Topic started by gia on Jan. 15, 2010. Last post by Rickywind 2 years, 1 month ago.
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So, the Tekken movie trailer looks pretty good. Fun martial arts, very attractive people, and hey, some of those costumes actually manage to look good, regardless of how unlikely they may be-- sort of like a more Asian-inspired Monday Night Raw kinda thing.

The only problem is when anyone on the screen opens their mouth and says anything. The very first line is someone (I won't pretend to know the difference between a regular Tekken character and Generic Background Guy #6) yelling "This is Ironfist!"

But he sounds about as excited as my mother going in for a root canal. He doesn't even sound intimidating, much less pumped.

And then you start in on something vaguely resembling a plot, and by that I mean in the same way that a Cheeto can resemble Jesus.

Seriously, if you want my suggestion: turn down the volume on YouTube, turn up some kickin' tunes, and THEN watch the trailer. Which you can do right here.
Post by JJOR64 (2,074 posts) See mini bio Level 16
I think I'm going to stick with Tekken 6 instead.
Post by gia (3,032 posts) See mini bio Level 13
Post by Dream (8,835 posts) See mini bio Level 21
About as interesting as the Tekken anime that was made over a decade ago.
Post by JackSukeru (402 posts) See mini bio Level 8
I appreciate their commitment to the costumes, from what you could see anyway. Was kinda hard with all the quick camera cuts. Worst case scenario, it would still make a pretty good episode of TANG.
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They seriously need to stop this. They never make them well. Whenever they make really bad movies like this. I always think about hte budget they throw at these things and what that money could do toward a charity. Something that could make people happy. Rather then having us hanging our heads in shame.
What honestly kills these movies. They try and go so over the top with the cast that they kill any chance they could have at a story. They need to cut down on the cast, You work on a story, figure out who you absolutely need, and give everyone else cameos or no scene at all.
Post by gia (3,032 posts) See mini bio Level 13
@RockmanBionics: Yeah, like i said, i think they're making good on the pretty pictures. If the dialogue was less insipid it might even be decent, but we sure didn't get that in this trailer.
Post by Dream (8,835 posts) See mini bio Level 21
@FoxxFireArt: About the only video game based live-action movie I recall Hollywood actually doing a decent adaptation of would be Mortal Kombat. Outside of that, other video game movies don't look too well in my book since the studios care more about using them as cash cows than making a decent plot.
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@Dream: And even that movie was crap lol
They already lost me at the poster Heihachi my favourite tekken character looks like an old fat guy instead of an old ''i`m gonna beat you to a bloody pulp'' guy and now that i heard his voice i`m outta here :P
Post by asian_pride (168 posts) See mini bio Level 18
Well, looking forward to an episode of TANG about this.
Post by DocHaus (938 posts) See mini bio Level 18
So far, this movie might actually meet my expectations. Yes, it will suck, but hopefully there will be awesome fight scenes between the sucking...unlike, say, the second Mortal Kombat movie.
But it is usually difficult to make a decent movie based on games that have nothing more than two guys beating the stuffing out of each other for a couple minutes. The only fighting game in recent memory that offered an actual storyline and didn't try to shoehorn it in after the fact was BlazBlue, so I can't really blame the writers for trying to work with the Tekken story when what little there is in the game simply serves as an excuse to have a boxing kangaroo fight a super-intelligent bear for no reason at all.
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At least I don't see whatshisname in the credits, so it can't be THAT bad, right?
*Blows a raspberry* 
@Dream: That's what I was thinking too.
Post by AKUMA (34 posts) See mini bio Level 1

im still going to see this...just to say atleast i seen it.....i am a tekken fan... 
besides, couldnt be any worst than DBE....
Post by Ruby_Alexandrine (78 posts) See mini bio Level 2
As a devout Tekken fan, I simply cannot watch the butchery of a movie.  The trailer is enough not to watch this...this.....crap!  No Ling (even though I do find her annoying yet kick-ass), No Paul Phoenix who was there since Tekken 1, No Bruce, and the list goes on.   I smell another flop just like Street Fighter: "Legend" of Chun-Li.
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Online Now
It seems better than the movie of Chun-li, so I could watch it... 
But There are lot of character that are kick-ass and dont appear, my favourite charcater (Paul and his uber-punch) dont appear, but we needed a cool ninja guy so they put Raven (Ryu Hayabusa+Blade the vampire hunter)
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The movie does look promising so far ( even though there are a few flaws), but I'm not going to have TOO high hopes for this one beeing good. 
At least I bet this movie is going to be better than the Tekken Anime.
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WOW this looks fucking horrible. I mean... fuck... I'm stymied as to how terrible this looks & as to why the hell they would even bother making this film after how badly the Street Fighter films have done.
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Thats just great, i was looking forward to watch it and now after watching this, I dont want to. Its HORRIBLE.
Post by GrandMarshal (152 posts) See mini bio Level 10
This isnt tekken no one got kicked into a volcano!!!
Post by Nerx (13,843 posts) See mini bio Level 12
They DBZ Evo'd it up
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