Tekken is a franchise comprised of 3 movies, 1 manga series
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A fighting-game Franchise that has spawned over 7 games so far and an anime, a live action movie and there is a upcoming animated CG movie in the works.

The Tekken series of games, and the material based upon it, revolves around a martial arts tournament known as "The King of the Iron Fist", sponsored by the disreputable Mishima Zaibatsu. While this company is more often than not headed up by Heihachi Mishima, one of the series' primary antagonists, other members of his family have led it at separate points.

The motives for participating are quite varied, ranging from straightforward desires such as wealth or a solid challenge to more personal drives like power or revenge. Kazuya Mishima was the original protagonist in Tekken but he would later turn into a antagonist along with his entity devil.

Tekken 3 Cover
Tekken 3 Cover

The games didn't really have a greater focus on plot-elements until the third game, where Jin Kazama became the main protagonist.

in addition to the main plot of the series, most of the games had several sub plots depending on what character you played as. There are also instances of where the sub plots of some minor characters intervene for a more interesting story.

To mention an example i will mention the sub plot of Nina Williams which after a while also includes Anna Williams, Lei Wulong and Steve Fox. One thing also worth mentioning is that most of the sub plots are more comic relief then serious material.

Most stories featuring Paul Phoenix, Kuma, Marshal Law and Lei Wulong are usually stories with a goofy ending. This is not as true in the earlier games tough where most the characters had a more serious tone to them and had more deep reasons to participate in the tournament.

There are also so far 1 anime movie named simply: Tekken: The Motion Picture. This animated film did not get a good reception even for fans, the animation was lacking and the plot was all over the place.

In 2005 there came a Hollywood's live action movie of Tekken, but again it did not receive good criticism.

Fans being very disappointed with the treatment the fighting series got as a visual media as film they have high hopes for the new CG animated movie named Tekken: Blood Vengeance.

There are also manga based on the Tekken fighting games as well as a cameo in Tenjou Tenge where one of the characters of the manga and not from the Tekken universe wins the tournament quite easily.

Tekken was also picked up by American comic publisher Image under the name Tekken Forever. It was supposed to reveal the history of Unknown from Tekken tag Tournament, but only one comic was published before it was canceled.

On February 16th, 2012, an upgrade was announced for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at the AOU 2012 it was given the name 'Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Unlimited', or 'Tekken Unlimited'.Tekken Unlimited it featured not only 2vs2 battles, but also 1vs1 and as a completely new addition; 1vs2 battles. Because of this the game-play had to be balanced out for any battle format to be enjoyable as the other ones. Tekken Unlimited went online for Arcade machines on March 27th, 2012. After the release people have found a problem with the 1vs2 system, the 1 player has major advantages therefore it has been banned in most of the major tournaments throughout Asia.

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Name: Tekken
Name: 鉄拳
Romaji: Tekken
Aliases: Iron Fist
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