Teito Klein

Teito Klein is a anime/manga character in the 07-Ghost franchise
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The main protagonist of 07-Ghost. Teito is the son of the Raggs Kingdom's emperor, and the inheritor of the Eye of Mikhail.

Teito is the protagonist of 07-Ghost. His real name is Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs, as he is the son of Weldeschtein Krom Raggs, and prince of the former Raggs Kingdom. After being entrusted with the Eye of Mikhail, during the Barsburg Empire's invasion, his identity was hidden and he was raised by Fea Kreuz, his uncle. After Ayanami killed Kreuz during the invasion, he was made into a combat slave. Eventually he joined the Barsburg military academy and became one of the most talented students. Teito is clever and very talented, although he faces mockery from the other students because he was once a slave.
Teito and Mikage at the Academy
Teito and Mikage at the Academy
While Teito studied at the Barsburg Military Academy, he made only one friend, Mikage. The two became very close and swore that no matter what, they would always be together until death. During Teito's time at the Military Academy, Teito Klein often had dreams of what seemed to be his past, and of a man he called 'Father'. Teito cannot remember anything more due to Post Traumatic Stress. Teito only tells Mikage briefly about his dreams, but due to his strong front, he is not entirely open. Later, Teito attacks the Chief Of Staff Ayanami, as he suddenly remembers that Ayanami was the one who killed the man called 'Father' in his dreams. Teito is stopped by Hyuuga, and is imprisoned. Teito soon escapes, but falls unconscious after Ayanami attacks him. Three bishops ( Frau, Castor, and Labrador) from the church save Teito and take him to the Seventh District.


  At the beginning of the series, Teito is portrayed as a cold and serious boy, but as Mikage and Teito become closer friends, Teito's emotions begin to show. Teito is one of the shortest characters in the series, and is constantly mocked for his height, which gets him angry. Teito can have serious anger issues, especially towards Frau. Teito is very serious when it comes to fighting and tries very hard too keep a strong front up. Teito is also very intelligent and has a mind for strategy.  

Seventh District 

During his stay at the Seventh District's church, Teito begins to learn about the bishops, the Seven Ghosts, and his past.
 Teito with Mikage's reincarnation
 Teito with Mikage's reincarnation
Eventually Mikage reunites with his best friend, only to be controlled by Ayanami. With half his soul gone and replaced with a Kor's, Mikage is beyond saving and Zehel is forced to end the boy's life. After Mikage's death, Teito slips into a deep depression as Mikage was his "light". When Mikage is reincarnated as a small purple fyulong dragon, Teito is overjoyed. Teiito often has the small dragon ride on his shoulder, or on his head. Even though the new Mikage is very friendly with Teito, he has no memories of his past life. Mikage also has a strong liking towards Hakuren Oak, to Teito's dismay. 
Later, Teito vows to take the bishop's exam in order to be able to freely travel the Barsburg Empire, so that he may seek revenge against Ayanami (against Mikage's last wishes). During the Bishop's Exam, Teito meets Hakuren Oak, who he initially mistakes for as Mikage. The two instantly fall into competition and vow to surpass the other. To their despair, they wind up as roommates and ultimately team mates during the exam. 
During a fight with Ayanami and the Black Hawks, Ayanami places a 'slave collar' around his neck. Frau makes the mistake of trying to take the collar off, and creates a bond between the collar and himself, making him Teito's 'master'. The slave collar does not allow Teito to be away from Frau for more than 48 hours, or the collar will blow up. As well, the collar has 3 commands: sleep, bind and pain. Castor believes that Frau would abuse his powers, but in fact only used the 'sleep' command twice in self defence as Teito went berserk under the influence of the Eye of Mikhail.




Teito using Zaiphon
Teito using Zaiphon
Teito had a talent in Zaiphon as a child, which was why he became a combat slave. Primarily, his Zaiphon talents lie in 'attack'. Teito is very skilled with and considered to be gifted. Teito is also skilled using his Zaiphon with weapons and Bascules. One time, Teito even exceeded a Bascule's limit in training, thus breaking it. Mikhail even states that Teito is the 'best vessel he ever had'. As well as being talented with Zaiphon, Teito is also very talented in hand to hand and many other forms of combat.

Eye of Mikhail:

 Teito, as he is the heir to the Ragg's throne, inherited the Eye of Mikhail. The eye is a stone passed down through the Ragg's Kingdom's royal family. The vessel of the Eye is possessed by an god (archangel) named Mikhail. The true powers of the Eye are still unknown but it is mentioned that the eye kept Verloren sealed away in Pandora's Box for thousands of years. When Mikhail possesses Teito through the eye, Teito's eyes turn red and his pupils become slits. Mikhail is very fond and protective of Teito, thinking of him as the best vessel he ever had, and is very put-off by the slave collar. The slave collar limit's Mikhail's powers, which is why Mikhail constantly asks for it to be taken off. 
Mikhail refers to Teito as 'Master' and holds the young boy in high regard. Mikhail refers to Teito as both 'strong' and 'beautiful'. Despite being very powerful, Mikhail often acts like a petulant child. Mikhail often mocks the bishops while speaking with them, and makes undignified faces at them. Later, the eye is taken away by the Black Hawks, but Teito can still make a connection with the eye through a spell, which causes a reaction.


After staying at the Seventh District's church, Teito learns a lot about his past an himself, which he tells to Mikage when the two reunite, thus telling Ayanami. Teito learns that his real name is, in fact, Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs, son of Weldeschtein Krom Raggs (king of the former Ragg's Kingdom). When the Barsburg Empire broke the treaty and invaded the Raggs Kingdom in search of the Eye of Mikhail, Weldeschtein Krom Raggs gives his son to his brother, Fea Kreuz, as an 'orphan'. Before Teito is left with his uncle, his father entrusted him with the Eye of Mikhail, so the Barsburg Empire would not get their hands on both Eyes. Teito grows up unaware of his past and heritage, claimed to be an orphan adopted by Fea Kreuz. As a child, Teito was often bullied or excluded.
It is later revealed that Teito was the son of the King and a concubine, causing the Queen to hate Teito. Before the
 Fea and young Teito
 Fea and young Teito
Barsburg-Raggs war, the Queen takes Teito to the Pope and makes a deal. Verloren's soul is then sealed with in Teito, making him 'Pandora's Box'. The plan is foiled by Kreuz who uses his powers (as the Ghost, Vertrag) to subdue Verloren and temporarily seal him away. Kreuz also kills the Pope in order to protect Mikage. That is why the King entrusts Teito with the Eye Of Mikhail, so that Verloren is unable to rise up and take over Teito. The Eye of Mikhail both protects Teito from Verloren, while also being the one thing that is able to open Pandora's Box. At this time, the Barsburg Kingdom attacks the Raggs Kingdom believing that Raggs made a declaration of war, since a Raggs messenger was sent to tell Barsburg that the Pope was killed. This caused Barsburg to believe that Raggs stole Pandora's Box.
The man called 'Father' in Teito's dreams was in fact Kreuz, and not his real father. This also brings up the possibility that Teito himself may be one of the Ghosts, as he is the last of the bloodline of the Raggs God House.
Voiced by
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Mitsuki Saiga
General Information Edit
Name: Teito Klein
Name: テイト·クライン
Romanji: Teito Kurain
Gender: Male
1st manga book: 07-Ghost #1
1st anime episode: 07-Ghost #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs
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