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Four girls are part of a tennis club, but they rarely play tennis. Hijinks ensue.


Teekyu is produced by Maapa, and consists of 2-minute shorts. Based off a 4-koma manga of the same name. The manga started in March 2012 and its anime adaptation premiered in October of the same year, making it literally the quickest manga to be turned into an anime. The title is a pun on the Japanese word for tennis, teikyū (庭球).

For audiences outside of Japan, Teekyu is legally available on Crunchyroll.


A series of mostly unconnected comedic stories about four girls who are part of a tennis club, but they rarely play tennis. Hijinks ensue.


Marimo Bando (Kana Hanazawa) - A soft-spoken girl with a perverted streak. Her antics include eating a pair of someone's panties and kidnapping a child.

Nasuno Takamiya (Kyoko Narumi) - A rich girl from Ngaoundere who wants to learn how to play tennis.

Kanae Shinjo (Suzuku Mimori) - A second-year student in the group who seems to do things that defy the laws of physics.

Yuri Oshimoto (Yui Watanabe) - The only girl in the group who actually seems to know how to play tennis, often plays the "straight" character reacting to everyone else's craziness.

Theme Songs

Opening Theme - "Botsuraku Kizoku no Tame no Teekyu" - Yui Watanabe

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Name Teekyu
Name: てーきゅう
Romaji: Teekyū
Publisher ?
Start Year 2012
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Aliases Te-kyu
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