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Short for "technical babbling," technobabble is the near-indecipherable use of technical jargon to describe or explain an event or concept that is seemingly designed to leave the viewer with no clear understanding or description of said event or concept.

As it relates to anime, technobabble is usually found in sci-fi series and those of a philosophical nature.  It can be used to describe both a real-world event or concept or one that exists solely in the fiction of the series.  Often, technobabble is used to describe concepts that don't really need to be explained to be understood.  

Example of technobabble

 Let's say that there is a series where people engage the active recombi drive on their spaceships to greatly increase their speed, allowing them to escape enemies.  From simply watching the series, the viewer can understand the functionality of this device.  However, a character in the series may feel the need to explain how the device works by saying:

" The ACD functions by splitting the ion continuum particles into their core sector and matrix vertex.  When filtered through a passive retransmorgrification node at speed of 2.826 kilocryptors per neosecond, vertex dialysis occurs, allowing organic and inorganic matter phase into the plasmitic contium.  From there, it's simply a matter of carefully navigation quantum reality fields and reversing the process to recombinate the matter back to its original state. "

While this does indeed explain how the active recombi drive works, the only result for viewers is further confusion unless they completely ignore what was said and revert back to, "this is a device that allows spaceships to greatly increase their speed, allowing them to escape enemies" .

Popular anime with technobabble

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Ghost in the Shell and its television series
  • Noein
  • Outlaw Star
  • Gilgamesh
  • Serial Experiments Lain
  • and many, many, many, many, many more
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