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Tears to Tiara is an anime series in the Tears to Tiara franchise
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Arawn is the demon lord sealed away because he would bring about the destruction the world. He is sealed within the dark cauldron but is resurrected. He is made chief of Gael by Riannon, and fights with Arthur to defeat the Divine Empire.


Arthur is a strong warrior and brother to the priestess Riannon. He is chief of the warriors of Gael.


Drwc is the high priest of the divine empire. He wants to free the demon king, Arawn. He expects to made king of the world before it is destroyed by Arawn.


She is the commander of Rublum. She is responsible for surveying the countries under the Divine Empire's rule and putting down any rebellions.


She is a faerie from a water kingdom. She serves Lord Arawn on behalf of her tribe. She becomes engaged to Lord Arawn and unable to return home when he burns her "clothing" --a seal skin.

Lord Dekmus

A warlord in the service of the Divine Empire. He is placed in charge of organizing the navy which will sail to Erin and put down the Gael rebellion.

Lord Gaius

Emperor or apparent leader of the Divine Empire. He is determined to keep the empire together. He plans to put down the Gael rebellion by killing the entire tribe.


She is a member of the Gael tribe and devoted to Arthur and Arawn. She is a fiesty character with a tendency to over indulge in alcohol. She has deadly skill with a bow and arrow.


A female knight in the service of the Divine Empire. firmly believes in doing "the right thing." She is not afraid to question any authority.


He is the Gaels' "wise man" and magician. He provides insight and advice to both Arawn and Arthur. He has a great knowledge of ancient legends and magical people.


Riannon is a beautiful and powerful priestess. She is able to use magic as she is descended from the race of elves.

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