Tears of the Wild Beast Tamer

Tears of the Wild Beast Tamer is an anime episode of Karneval that was released on 06/05/2013

With Yogi and Tsukumo out of commission, Nai and Gareki are given into the care of Airship One. The team dynamic is a little different, but the two of them still go on a mission with them, where Gareki learns more about their special powers.

— FUNimation

Plot Summary

Tears of the Beast Handler
Mōjū-shi no Namida
TranslationTears of the Wild Beast Tamer
Theme Music
OpeningHenai no Rondo
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Hirato rescues Tsukumo who is drifting in a boat of roses down the river. Meanwhile on Circus's First Ship, Kiichi has Gareki and Nai clean the rooms, but she is shocked that Gareki managed to get the Hitsuji to help out. Elsewhere, Jiki searches information on Gareki and Nai. Tsukitachi arrives and informs Gareki that Tsubame and her old man are doing well. During a simple spar, Jiki slams Gareki on the ground and tells him to be more alert.

In the protected reserve, Tsukitachi explains to Gareki about how the Circus Members have use Incura cells as their powers. Meanwhile, Kiichi faces off with an animal named Kiri that freaks out. Yogi saves Nai from being attacked by Kiri. Jiki hears the doctor talking about a drug he used on Kiri. The doctor had obtained a drug from someone claiming to work under Akari. High in the sky, Kiichi kills Kiri. After the incident is over, Yogi apologizes to Gareki for the Rinoll incident.

Points of Interest

  • Circus Bracelets are made from the cells of creatures found in the caves, Incura.

Characters & Voice Actors

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