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Tears Even In The Onihime's Eyes is an anime episode of Sket Dance that was released on 05/12/2011
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One of the Best Sket Dance episodes: The Onihime Play Reviewed by takashichea on Aug. 19, 2011. takashichea has written 6 reviews. His/her last review was for Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun. 10 out of 10 users recommend his reviews.


Beware of spoilers!

This episode would probably be the most memorable and funny in all of Sket Dance. Even though I finished the first six episodes for Team W.I.K.I. Nation's Sket Dance Project, this one hit me, gagged me with laughter, and made me cry a bit.

Don't worry, no one died in this episode.

Short Summary or Intro

Sasuke Tsubaki threatens to shut down Sket Dance since he is on a mission to eliminate useless and unnecessary clubs. Also, Sasuke tries to kick Kibitsu and her friends due to their delinquent past. Despite their change, Bossun tries to persuade Sasuke from canceling their club and kicking out Kibitsu and her friends. In the nick of time, Moe appears with a request about putting a performance for the preschool kids. Taking the opportunity, Bossun challenges Sasuke. If Bossun wins, the club is safe as well as Kibitsu and friends' safety. However, if Sasuke wins, Sket Dance is done for.

Will Sket Dance survive?

Watch this episode to find out!!

The Good

The rehearsal of Snow White was hilarious. Everyone that Sket Dance came to help in the previous episodes join in except for Teppei Sugihara.

Few Funny Moments:

  • Roman's otaku filler makes her think Bossun and her can be together like in a Fairy Tale.
  • Reiko's scary witch act
  • Switch is the prince because he's handsome without his glasses.

Tearful Moments:

  • During Kibitsu's sad moments as she tells her story, her flashbacks and her encounter with Hime and Bossun is definitely a strong connection with their puppet show.
  • Hime responds to Kibitsu's words by revealing to her that they can be friends. This all makes such good acting because these girls are doing from real experiences.

The Bad

  • There's not much. I'm was disappointed that the Snow White play was canceled, but the hilarious rehearsal made up for it. There's nothing bad with this episode. Feel free to tell me what's bad.
  • Edit: The scene where Hime and Momoka were talking to each other during the puppet show was too overemotional. It wasn't tear worthy.


This episode marks the evolution of both characters: Kibitsu and Hime. Mostly for Kibitsu, she is a bully whose self esteem boost from hurting people. Upon encountering Hime, Bossun, and Switch, she learns what true friendship and where good self esteem come from.

Lesson Learned

A lesson that I learned is that true friendships is the best remedy for finding where you can belong. No one should hurt someone or put down someone to feel good about themselves. There are people in the world who resorts to this evil method.

I give this episode a five out of five.

Last Words

Thank you for reading my review and reading the wiki editors' hard work on Anime Vice. For this episode, Hibaru did a good job on the full plot summary. My team W.I.K.I Nation is completing the series. I thank my team and my friends for inspiring me.

If you love something on Anime Vice or anything, work on it and show to your friends and family.

Note: I will put up images as soon as I can, or my teammates will upload the images.

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