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Team Ichigo Breaks Up! is an anime episode of Yumeiro Patissiere Professional that was released on 10/02/2010
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Sweet and Sleepy Reviewed by damswedon on Oct. 5, 2010. damswedon has written 16 reviews. His/her last review was for Wolverine. 44 out of 50 users recommend his reviews.

  Some shows try to use a new series to attract new viewers. Yumeiro Patissiere Professional is not one of those shows. I have not seen the first series and as such, I’m basing my judgements on the first episode alone. So if I make any factual errors concerning the first series that is why.
 Wanted. Dead or alive.
 Wanted. Dead or alive.
  The show opens to a dream sequence where our protagonist Ichigo Amano has become a sweet maker and is living in a cottage by the river with her daughter and her husband (who is hidden away by the shadows). She is woken up by her tiny fairy called Vanilla who quickly informs us that they are returning from two years of study in Paris. They get off the plane and rush to school when they find out that “Team Ichigo has broken up!” all we are told is that the other three members returned home a week before and promptly decided to split (what a bunch of jackasses). Ichigo decides to carry on with her studies and is placed in a new team consisting of:
  • Yamagishi Lemon - who has hair the same colour as what you get when you forget to wash all the blue out of a paintbrush then went straight into the yellow paint. She’s also a year younger than Ichigo.
  • Katou Rumi - who currently shows no characteristics other than “friend!”
  • Johnny McBeal - who is one of the best pastry chefs in the class but never turns up, later on, we learn that he is best described as a “character”, which is short for COLOSSAL PRICK! But to tell the truth he is the type of prick you can get behind because for some reason he gives of this aura of “I’m too good for this show” feeling.

 Why are your eyes so big?
 Why are your eyes so big?

Ichigo then goes on and meets her old teammates two of whom have decided to leave the school and start on their dreams to own their own stores. The third, Makoto Kashino, has skipped a year and turns out to be an asshole. We are given hints that Ichigo has feelings for him because you can’t base a show completely on “YOU’VE GOTTA COOK THEM ALL!” can you. Ichigo, Kashino Johnny and Lemon are all given letters that tell them to go to remote town where they are told that they will be put in charge of making sweets for the town and making it a hit in what can only be seen as one of the most crazy fronts for organised crime I have ever heard. In fact, as I was hearing the pitch for this town I could imagine my old Business Sudies teacher screaming “ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE!”
The art is nice and works with the sleepy nature of the show but there are a few instances of “What’s up with your eyes?” with Ichigo and the same eye and hair colours motif is a little bit annoying. I don’t normally comment on introductions but special mention has to made to the Europop styled song that accompanies the titles, which just awesome.  
The problem I had with this episode is that the plodding nature of the show kinda sucks all the drama of the events away. Even in at the end, which must exist to set up the premise of the series seemed very non-eventful. I feel like if the show was shown in the UK it would be part of Sunday television, just after Allo Allo and Dads Army but just before Last of the Summer Wine and HeartBeat.

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