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Ame no Kisaki Girl's School

Ame no Kisaki is an all girls Catholic school. Though a school run by Catholic school rules, there is no religious agenda pushed and open to all religions. The main setting of the manga/anime "Maria Holic"

Arim High School

Arim High is a korean private high school that's one of the main setting in the manga of Unbalance x2.

Fujimi High School

The standard high school is the setting for the first few episodes/chapters of Highschool of the Dead. A normal day at the school turns into a pool of chaos and death as the zombie outbreak transfers to the school.

Isono Junior High School

Isono Junior High School is the school setting in the anime/manga franchise of "Seto no Hanayome".

Mochizuki High School

Mochizuki High School is a school that is owned by Masamune Mochizuki.

Ninja Academy

Created by Tobirama Senju, the Hidden Leaf's Ninja Academy serves as place where children in the Hidden Leaf train to become ninjas. Upon graduation they receive the rank of Genin.

North High School

The normal-seeming high school attended by Haruhi Suzumiya and her SOS Brigade members.

Orange Star High School

The school Gohan attends.

Ouran High School

An extravagantly large and ornate high school for those who are both intellectually and financially gifted.

Prep School

Keitaro Urashima goes to this prep school and studies for Tokyo University here.

Sakuragaoka High School

Sakuragaoka High School is an all-girls school set in Japan. It's the home of the Light Music Club.


A place where education take place.

Seishou Academy

An elementary school, middle school, and high school combined; Seishou Academy teaches and trains anthropomorphic gun-girls.

Shintoko Third Elementary School

The Shintoko Third Elementary School is a school in Tokonosu City where Takashi Komuro's mother works as a teacher.

Tenbi Academy

Tenbi Academy is a high school where students fight with magic items or weapons called Maken.

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