Tayutama -Kiss on my Deity- 01

Tayutama -Kiss on my Deity- 01 is an anime episode of Tayutama -Kiss on my Deity- that was released on

The episode begins with three Tayutai attacking a village. A man dressed as a shrine keeper and female Tayutai with silver hair fight back using spiritual powers. To seal the enemies away, the girl uses her power to seal herself and the Tayutai into a wooden marker. The time then shifts forward to the modern day. Yuuri and his friends are fixing a bike when his father, the keeper of the shrine, tells him that there is something going on at school. Yuuri, Sankuro, and Ameri head over that night to check out the problem. Yuuri discovers that the cause of the problem is a wooden marker. He prepares for an exorcism, but as he chants time stops, and Tayutayu, his family's shrine's goddess, appears within the wooden marker. She explains that the wooden seal needs to be protected, as he is the descendant of the man she once fought alongside. Ameri, startled by the sudden appearance of several small Tayutai, starts Yuuri's bike, which smashes the seal and breaks it in two. Many miniature Tayutai pour out, but with them comes a small girl with silver hair, ears and a tail, who attacks the tayutai with a mallet. She scolds them and tells them that attacking people is wrong and that they shouldn't do it. At that moment, the three large tayutai appear and attack the girl. She defends, but is knocked out and the three mysterious beasts fly off. As she passes out, her hair turns brown, and Yuuri brings her home. When she awakens, Yuuri gives her food, and gives her the name Mashiro. When they begin to talk, she argues with him about not being married yet. In the end, she gets Yuuri to agree to marry her when she gets older. The next day, when Yuuri goes to wake Mashiro, he sees a fully grown woman where Mashiro was. Ameri, who was going to school with Yuuri, is just as surprised and is about to rage at Yuuri when the woman reveals that she is Mashiro, and that she has regained some of her power. She then goes on to say that she is Yuuri's wife, which his father, who enters the room, agrees to. The episode ends with Yuuri's father giving Mashiro a beautiful kimono worn by his wife.

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