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While his anthropologist mother is off studying the remote Tattoon tribe, Hibio (Eric) sulkily does the housework for his inept father, a pornographic filmmaker. He believes his mother to be dead, and she very nearly was, since she angered the Tattoons, who were ready to kill her. Unbeknownst to Hibio, his mother has bought her life by offering his hand in marriage to the Tattoon chieftainess Nima (Bala), who arrives in Tokyo weapons in hand, magical powers at the ready, and all set to marry him. This is not a welcome thought to the misogynist Hibio, whose sole experience of women has been his father's models, his feckless mother, and his militant feminist class president Fujimatsu (Lisa), a keen archer who carries her bow everywhere, and, for reasons utterly incomprehensible, wants Hibio for herself. Yet another alien-girl-adores-geek scenario, it traces a long line back to Urusei Yatsura but is sadly lacking any of its predecessor's virtues-a failed attempt to take the well-worn clichés in a new direction resulting in a uniformly unlikable cast. Based on a manga in Ultra Jump by Masahisa Tadanari.

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Name: Tattoon Master
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1996
Release Date:
Rating: unrated
Runtime: 30 (mins)
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