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Ergo Proxy (2006 - 23 Episodes)

In a futuristic society where androids and humans live side by side, a virus known as the Cogito sweeps across the city infecting the android residents, allowing them to express personalities and emotions. A series of murders follow, and the Civil Intelligence begin their investigation...

1 - 1
Pulse of Awakening (awakening) はじまりの鼓動 (Hajimari no Kodou) 06/09/2007
1 - 2
Confessions of a Model Citizen (confession) 良き市民の告白 (Yoki Shimin no Kokuhaku) 06/16/2007
1 - 3
Leap into the Void (mazecity) 無への跳躍 (Muhi no chouyaku) 06/23/2007
1 - 4
Signs of Future, Hades of Future (futu-risk) 未来詠み 未来黄泉 (Mirai Yomi, Mirai Yomi) 07/07/2007
1 - 5
Recall (twilight) 召還 (Shoukan) 07/14/2007
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