Tatara Totsuka

Tatara Totsuka is a anime/manga character in the K franchise
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A member of the Homura clan who died in the hands of the Colorless king. he is the one who taught Suoh Mikoto about the powers of the Kings.


Tatara's Character Illustration
Tatara's Character Illustration

Tatara Totsuka was created by Go Hands and has no information regarding any inspirations used to create him. He is voiced by Yuki Kaji


He is a member of the Homura Clan and also a loyal servant of Suoh Mikoto, the Red King.

Suoh and Izumo went to the hospital
Suoh and Izumo went to the hospital

8 Years ago. Tatara is a stalker of Suoh. By following Mikoto. He got beaten up by some delinquents and ended up in the hospital. Izumo Kusanagi received a call from the hospital. Suoh and Izumo went there. Then Suoh asked of you beaten him up. Izumo said that Tatara should stop messing up with Suoh or he'll end up beaten again. Tatara then promised to be careful. Suoh asked again if who beaten him up. Tatara made a request to Mikoto to scratch his foot before answering his question. When Mikoto is about to scratch his foot. He smacked Tatara's head then went out of the room. Izumo warned Tatara again about messing with Suoh. But Tatara didn't Regret it.

Tatara and Suoh at the HOMRA bar
Tatara and Suoh at the HOMRA bar

3 years ago. Suoh Arrived at the HOMRA Bar. Suoh sat down with Anna Kushina Beside Him. Izumo noticed that Suoh was stressed out. Tatara woke up then told Suoh that their dinner will be Tom Yam Goong. The two of them also discussed about how Mikoto care about his comrades. He also taught Mikoto that a King's Powers are not meant for destruction, they exist to protect. Then Suoh asked what is Tom Yam Goong. Tatara said that it is a Sour Spicy food which has a Red color. Anna was interested, then Tatara invited Anna to cook with him.

Tatara sings a song to the Homura
Tatara sings a song to the Homura

3 months ago. Tatara tried to flip Yata Misaki's skateboard but failed. The other Homura members told Tatara that he suck at that kind of thing. Anna came near Tatara and asked if he sings a song.Tatara told Anna that shes a good girl that she was charmed in one of his hobbies. She went to get a Guitar then sang a song for everyone.

Tatara died at the top of the building.
Tatara died at the top of the building.

Another flashback. Yata and Izumo went to the top of the building. they found Tatara lying down with a serious injury. Yata comforted Yata immediately and asked if who did that to him while there are tears flowing from Yata's eyes.. Tatara was saying about the Colorless king. Izumo called Suoh at the phone then reported the bad news about Tatara. The Homura then kept his Video Camera. And sought Revenge for his death.

Voiced by
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Yuki Kaji
General Information Edit
Name: Tatara Totsuka
Name: 十束 多々良
Romanji: Totsuka Tatara
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: K #1
1st anime movie:
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Fire Control
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