Tarrlok is a anime/manga character in the Avatar franchise
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Tarrlok is the Republic City councilman for the Northern Water Tribes. He is not just a waterbender, but a blood bender as well, and so powerful he can blood bend without a full moon.He is the son of Yakone and younger brother of Noatok(Amon)


Tarrlok and Noatak learn the truth of Yakone
Tarrlok and Noatak learn the truth of Yakone

Growing up in the North Pole, Tarrlok was the youngest son of Yakone and younger brother of Noatak. As they grew older, they discovered they were waterbenders as Yakone would train them rigorously day to day. When they were old enough, Yakone revealed his indentity as a fugitive from Republic City and a dangerous bloodbender. Undergoing training in bloodbending, Tarrlok was conflicted to do as his father demanded as Yakone set up for Noatak and Tarrlok to bend one another. Tarrlok claimed that he never wanted to do that to another person as Noatak came to his rescue. His older brother suggested fleeing, escaping their father's shadow, but Tarrlok refused. After Noatak left, things weren't the same as his father eventually passed away.

Moving to Republic City, he vowed not to take over the streets as a criminal but as a politician. Wanting to control the city, he became the Councilor of the Northern Water Tribe as he would constantly butt heads with the Councilor of the Air Nomads, the youngest son of Aang, Tenzin. Despite his rash behavior, Tarrlok always tried to keep the city's inhabitants best intentions in mind.


Tarrlok was created by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino for the new series in the Avatar franchise: The Legend of Korra. He makes his first appearance in Episode 4: The Voice in the Night. Tarrlok is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker in the English version.

Character Evolution

In the beginning, Tarrlok seemed as if he was willing to do the right thing for a price. Even though building a task force would be a poor decision against an extremist group, he did so for the safety of the citizens of Republic City. However, as time went on, he became more brutal in his policies even if he did agree with Tenzin from time to time. When the Equalists were able to unleash an attack on the Bending Arena, he quickly blames Lin Bei Fong for the attack as he tries to push all fault on her as opposed to him. Later on, when Saikhan becomes Chief of Police, Tarrlok urges for more oppression of the non-benders as he grows more delirious with power, resorting to torture, kidnapping, and deceit to keep his power. However, once his bending is taken away by Amon, he remembers that he vowed never to hurt people like his father did as he expresses his remorse to Korra for all that he did.

Major Story Arcs

Rise of the Equalists

Korra challenges Amon to a duel
Korra challenges Amon to a duel

With Avatar Korra's report on Amon and the Equalists, Tarrlok brings a vote before the council to create a task group to counter the terrorists. Tenzin opposes it as he feels that fighting would be excessive but is ultimately cast aside by Tarrlok's bated words, getting enough votes for his motion to pass. Later that evening, Tarrlok invites himself to Tenzin's home for dinner. Winning Korra with compliments, he pushes for her to join the task force but she quickly denies it, stating that she wants to concentrate on airbending training. Tarrlok makes several attempts to win her with gifts but she refuses until he hosts a gala in her honor. While there, he arranges for the press to be there, badgering her into joining the task force. Soon after, they get a tip about an Equalist training ring as they lead the attack to snuff them out. When Korra challenges Amon to a duel, Tarrlok and Tenzin agree its stupid as he sets up men to capture Amon if things go awry but fails to stop the ambush.

Soon after, Amon threatens the pro-bending final match of the tournament. Korra, Mako, and Bolin go to the Council to protest the closing of the arena but once again, Tenzin and Tarrlok agree it needs to be done. Korra points out that doing this is letting Amon win as Lin Bei Fong reluctantly agrees with Korra. Tarrlok asks if Lin would take full responsibility if anything were to happen, which she agrees to, saying her police will guard the arena. In the end, the Equalists are able to ambush them once more as Tarrlok goes on the record to say that Lin has failed them and they need someone with proper guidance.

War of Republic City

Tarrlok reveals he is a bloodbender
Tarrlok reveals he is a bloodbender

When Lin fails to capture Hiroshi Sato and loses some of her men in the process, Saikhan becomes Chief of Police as he agrees to work directly with Tarrlok. Korra tells him that she won't join him as he mocks her for her failure as a bender. Later on, when Korra tries to stop the Equalists by herself, Tarrlok brings a motion to the council to oppress non-benders to stop the Equalists. Everyone but Tenzin votes on it, knowing this isn't right. After trying to arrest innocent people protesting the harsh treatment, Korra stops Tarrlok as he arrests Boln, Mako, and Asami Sato for being conspirators. Korra breaks into his office as the two fight it out, her accusing him of abusing his powers and being just as bad as Amon. During the fight, he demonstrates his power to bloodbend, kidnapping Korra as he vows to put her somewhere where no one will find her. Covering up the story that the Equalists kidnapped Korra, his secret is brought to light.

Tarrlok blows up the ship
Tarrlok blows up the ship

Escaping, he blames Korra for his troubles as he plans to hold her hostage until Amon and the Equalists show up. Bloodbending them, Amon takes away Tarrlok's bending and captures him. It is later revealed that Tarrlok was held prisoner until Amon took over Air Temple Island, locked in a prison in the attic. When Korra and Mako confront him, he says that Amon is actually his brother Noatak and that he is a master bloodbender. Korra and Tarrlok make amends as she goes off to stop his brother. When she succeeds, Amon returns to free Tarrlok, stating they should start a new life elsewhere as brothers and not as the legacy of Yakone. Riding off into the ocean, Amon promises Tarrlok a new life as Tarrlok takes an Equalist glove and detonates the fuel tank on the boat, killing them both.


As a waterbender from the Northern Tribes, Tarrlok has shown a mastery of the art of waterbending, leading his task force himself and with Korra by utilizing a water tank to blast Equalists and freeze them as well. He reveals that he is a master of blood bending when Korra fights him on a night that did not have a full moon. When his ties to Yakone come to light, it explains his mastery of bloodbending at the tutelage of his father.

Voiced by
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Dee Bradley Baker
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Name: Tarrlok
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: The Legend of Korra #4
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