Enjoying this series. Anyone else?

Topic started by Petiew on Sept. 19, 2012. Last post by takashichea 2 years, 5 months ago.
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Just recently started watching this and am about to start episode 11.
It's not a remarkable series or anything but I'm enjoying it quite a lot. The characters are good and work well together. Not too much drama but enough to keep the series interesting.
The end of episode 10 with the thief was well done, funny but at the same time made the group seem like they were close friends. (though the Sentai team itself was weird, 5 members with green, white and no blue!?)
Probably has my favourite ending theme of the season and a bunch of other good songs.
I think it wraps up next week, but I'm still a couple episodes behind. Has anyone else been watching this?
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I saw the first episode. Another was a big break away from their norm but this one feels like they're recycling the same old thing they've been doing since at least True Tears. A lot of the character designs are identical to what they've done in the past and it doesn't help any that the character all feel like they were plucked from old PA shows.

Having said that though, it's a quality series from what I saw and while it's the same thing yet again, it's the same good thing well executed again. I stopped after one episode but I've been waiting for it to finish up so I can marathon it.

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Tari Tari is my first official Slice of Life show. It wasn't that bad. I like the series and the characters who are searching for their true calling or gaining closure with their individual struggles.

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@sickVisionz: I'm not very familiar with their previous drama/slice of life shows so this didn't really bother me. To be honest, it isn't ground breaking at all, but the show is still of a good quality. I doubt it'll be remembered in seasons to come but it was still enjoyable while it lasted. Good characters, nice art style and animation, and the music was nice too.
Though the last few episodes bugged me. They introduced a couple of somewhat silly twists, and the semi-antagonist was unneeded. Felt like he was just being an ass for the sake of a little drama.
If I remember right you're a big fan of Sket Dance. I've not watched/read it, but is that not categorised as slice of life too? I liked the characters too, though I felt the guys' episodes were kind of lacking compared to the girls'!
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I say Sket Dance is more of a gag comedy, shonen show than slice of life. I never find slice of life interesting to try, and I tried Sket Dance because of Annabanana and Piface314 said it was a funny shonen show.

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