Tari Tari Characters

Tari Tari is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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Atsuhiro Maeda

One of the male characters in Tari Tari. He lived in Vienna for 12 years, and tries his best to follow Japanese customs.

Condor Queens merry man

A member of the band the Condor Queens

Condor Queens short man

A member of the band the Condor Queens.


Hamachi is Taichi's friend who aspiring to be a manga artist.

Haruka Tanaka

She is Taichi Tanaka's older sister.


Jan is Atsuhiro's friend in Austria.

Keisuke Sakai

He is Wakana's father in the Tari Tari franchise.

Konatsu Miyamoto

One of the 5 main female protagonists in Tari Tari. Konatsu is energetic and wants to try her best to become a singer.

Mahiru Sakai

Wakana's mother, who died. She was a singer.

Makoto Miyamoto

He is Konatsu's brother in Tari Tari.

Midori Ueno

Midori Ueno is one of the Choir members in Tari Tari franchise.

Nanae Hirohata

Nanae Hirohata is one of the choir members in Tari Tari.

Naoko Takakura

She's a nameless person who is the Vice Principal of Shirohamazaka High School in the Tari Tari franchise.


He's the principal of Shirohamazaka High School.

Sawa Okita

Sawa Okita is a brunette twin-tailed girl who is one of the five female protagonists in Tari Tari. She cares a lot about her best friend Konatsu, and enjoys archery and riding horses.

Sawa's father

Sawa's father is a strict man who wants his daughter to think seriously about her future career.

Shiho Okita

Sawa's mother

Stranger Who Speaks Spanish in Tari Tari

He's a currently nameless character who chases after Wakana. Due to the language barrier, Wakana thinks he is a stalker.

Taichi Tanaka

A friend of Konatsu and Atsuhiro who enjoys badminton.

Tomoko Takahashi

She's the teacher of the five main characters in Tari Tari anime series.

Wakana Sakai

Wakana Sakai is a black haired girl with a ponytail, and she is one of the five female protagonists in Tari Tari.

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