Taniguchi is a anime/manga character in the The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya franchise
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A mildly sexist, slacker friend of Kyon's.


A friend of Kyon's in high school, Taniguchi went to junior high school with Haruhi and is happy to share a variety of stories about her with Kyon. Along with Tsuruya-san, Kyon's sister, and Kunikida, Taniguchi functions primarily as a stand-in member for the SOS Brigade for whenever their primary five members aren't enough. One story Taniguchi tells is of Haruhi's dating anyone who asks her out, and her immediate dumping of them shortly thereafter. It is hinted that Taniguchi himself was the person she dated for the least amount of time: five minutes.


A classic slacker who favors the ladies considerably more than they favor him, Taniguchi developed a grading system for the girls. Mikuru Asahina is apparently so adorable that he can't retain enough brainpower in her presence to rank her; Ryoko Asakura is an "AA ," and Yuki Nagato is an A-.

Kyon generally finds himself annoyed with Taniguchi's casual objectification of his friends and general personality; in the novels he says he only hangs out with Taniguchi to avoid being branded as an outcast.


Wasuremono Ending from Lucky Star
Wasuremono Ending from Lucky Star
In episode 10 (Kyon order; episode 4 Haruhi order and episode 5 DVD order), after Yuki battles Ryoko and Kyon is holding her as she recovers, Taniguchi entered the room singing a made-up song about how he left behind something (wasuremono = forgotten thing). He spots Yuki and Kyon in what appears to be an embrace and squawks "Enjoy yourselves!" while fleeing.

This short scene made Taniguchi something of a cult hit on Japan's message boards, as well as the voice actor who played him Japanese, Minoru Shiraishi. In fact, Shiraishi became popular enough that he voiced a character in the anime Lucky Star's Lucky Channel segment-- himself, as a bright-eyed bushy-tailed voice actor across from Akira Kogami, a bitter and somewhat washed-up voice actress. Shiraishi's personality was a big hit and he performed the ending themes for the second half of the anime, which included a full version of the Wasuremono song.
Voiced by
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Sam Riegel
Minoru Shiraishi
General Information Edit
Name: Taniguchi
Name: 谷口
Romanji: Taniguchi
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Haruhi Suzumiya #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Wasuremono
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