Tamamura Tamao

Tamamura Tamao is a anime/manga character in the Shaman King franchise
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A shy girl who has a huge crush on Yoh Asakura even though she knows that Yoh loves Anna Kyoyama.


     She is a shaman who uses a divine board to predict fortunes or future. Specifically, Tamao is an ascetic in training who has two familiars, a fox and a tanooki, that help her predict the future.
     She becomes a shaman when Mikihisa brings her to the Asakura family's home and he trains Tamao to be an ascetic. Tamao's master is Mikihisa Asakura, but she also trains from Yohmei Asakura. She is a hard worker who trains as hard as Yoh when she watches Yoh train with Yohmei during their childhood.


Tamao Tamamura, who is created by Hiroyuki Takei, has no current information on what inspires the author to create her.


Only in the time skip, she displays great change because she is a shy girl when she was young. After the time skip, her personality is like Anna's personality.

Story Arcs

 Note: All information in the Story Arcs are manga only. See anime under "anime and manga differences sections.

Introduction and the Preliminaries in Tokyo

     Tamao first appears during the road trip to Izumo arc. She and her spirits, Ponchi and Conchi, have conducted a divination which predicts two people, a tall one and a short, who will harm Yoh Asakura. Tamao shares her revelations with Yohmei Asakura, but Yohmei thinks Tamao's predictions will not hurt Yoh or interfere with his training. Ponchi and Conchi persuades Tamao to stop the two intruders.
     Once Ryu and Manta arrive in Izumo, Tamao and her two spirits confront them. When Ryu tries to hit on Tamao, Tamao's cry for help gets Ponchi and Conchi to cut Ryu's pompadour and to hit him below the belt. Tamao has Ponchi wrap around Manta to hold him still. Tamao reveals her oversoul, Kokkuri Cupid, and she tries to kill Manta with Conchi's arrow. However, Anna stops Tamao, and Anna makes Tamao's spirits confess their lies. Tamao finds out that her spirits lie to her and just wanted to get out to exercise (more like attack someone).
     Tamao gives a tour of the Asakura's home to Manta and Ryu. She confesses that she loves Yoh, but she thinks Anna is the better woman for Yoh. The following day, Ponchi and Conchi sense that Yoh is coming back, and everyone rushes to the tunnel of Yomei. When Yoh comes out, he asks Tamao to cook him dinner. Tamao blushes while Anna smacks Yoh.
     Tamao comes to visit Yoh's home to root for him. However, during the fight between Yoh and Ren, Tamao did not get to see Yoh fight Ren because Anna tells Tamao that women tend to the house. After Yoh successively passes the preliminaries, Tamao celebrates the night with Anna, Pirika, and the other male shamans.
*Like Anna, Tamao does not do anything during the rescue Ren arc in China.

Journey to America for a Period of 3 months (Patch's test)

     During this arc, Tamao does not have a big role, but she accompanies Anna with Manta on her journey to America to assist Yoh in his training. Tamao sneaks in and eavesdrop on Anna and Yohmei's conversation about the Asakura family's real ambitions to stop Hao. When Yohmei says it is Yoh's destiny to stop Hao, Tamao steps in and protests against Yohmei. Anna slaps Tamao for her disrespectful words, and Anna reassures Tamao that Yoh will be shaman king and that he will defeat Hao. Tamao grabs the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu (Choji Senji Ryakketsu), and she accidentally breaks the seal which unleashes Hao's shikigamis. Tamao, who cannot help, watches Ponchi and Conchi get pursued by Hao's powerful orges. Anna, who finished reading Hao's book, easily subdues the shikigamis with her 1080 beads.
     Tamao accompanies Anna and Manta's trip to the Patch village after Yohmei has asked Anna to deliver the book to Yoh. Tamao and Manta meets Hao Asakura for the first time in front of Patch Village's cave entrance. She watches Anna, who is pinned by Hao, slap Hao with her phantom left. Tamao walks with Anna quickly to Patch village.
     After Yoh and his gang wake up from their visions (caused by looking at the Great Spirit), and Anna goes to visit Kalim's shop, Tamao and Manta are alone with Ponchi and Conchi. Tamao gets pressured by Ponchi and Conchi when the clowns try to make Tamao flirt (or make a move) on Manta. She gets embarrassed, and Manta decides to leave the place. (After that, Tamao does not get much action due to the story of Shaman focuses on Yoh and his quest to become shaman king.)

Back to Tokyo for the First Tournament Event

     Tamao, who does not participate in the tournament, support Yoh and his team during the battles, but she has a big role when she assists Anna to protect Mikihisa's teammates, Redseb and Salerm. Before Yoh's match with team Icemen, she has a meal with Yoh's team, Anna, and Manta. When Ren asks Yoh about his strategy and Yoh replies that he will beat them with one big strike, Tamao quickly uses her sketchbook to make Yoh fix his comment. She writes to Yoh that everyone will give him the look due his statement. During the match, Tamao watches in awe of Yoh's amazing oversoul and their victory.
    During the soul hunt of Mikihisa's teammates, Redseb and Salerm, Tamao assists Anna and Jun Tao to protect them from team Hana-Gumi. Team Hana-Gumi's members are Kanna Bismarch, Matilda Matisse, and Marion Phauna. Tamao watches Jun Tao's Jiang-Si, Pailong, engage Kanna's Ashcroft in battle. She tells Anna that they make a good couple, but Anna tells Tamao that Pailong was a married man with a child in his former life. When Anna enrages Matilda to attack her, Tamao uses her Kokkuri Cupid oversoul and unleashes her Love Strike attack on Matilda's oversoul Jack the Ripper. Immediately, Marion strikes back with her oversoul Chuck and fires at Tamao. Tamao blocks Marion's attack, Magnum Craft, with her oversoul Kokkuri Angel. Tamao gets complimented by Kanna who notices Tamao changes her two spirits to make two different oversouls.
     Tamao and Jun Tao finally gets Anna to leave with Salerm and Redseb, so Anna can help Yoh. When Tamao and Jun Tao unleash their attack (Tamao using Love Strike and Pailong's flying kick) on Marion and Matilda's oversoul dolls, she finds out their attacks have fail. Tamao watches Matilda's Jack the Ripper tormenting Conchi by stabbing his tail with a kunai. When Pailong has difficulty fighting Ashcroft, Tamao finds out that the armor is a decoy and the true spirit medium is cigarette smoke. However, Pailong has already suffer injuries due to Ashcroft dismembering his limbs. Tamao tries to assist Pailong by using her  Oversoul: Kokkuri Angel! Tan-Tan-Tanuki and it 1,000-Tatami Ghost Bubble to capture Ashcroft. Yet, Marion and Matilda uses their oversoul to rip her ghost bubble. After Pailong is incapacitated, Tamao listens to Marion's rant about clingy people. She watches team Hana gumi prep for their final assault on her and Jun Tao. Like Jun, Tamao cannot do anything because of Hana Gumi's dark mana and dark past.
     Tamao is saved by Mikihisa who takes down team Hana Gumi's oversoul, but she gets lectured in the end by her master. After Mikihisa slaps team Hana Gumi and lectures them after they attack Tamao's master again, Tamao and Jun Tao gets slap by Mikihisa. Mikihisa, who sheds tears, lectures Tamao and Jun Tao on pointless fighting when the ones who need protection are gone already. Tamao listens to Mikihisa's information about his team's golem. He says that golem has the power of destruction and since it is control by children's naivete and innocence, the golem is very dangerous. Tamao asks Mikihisa about the girls of team Hana Gumi ( Magna took with him), but Mikihisa tells Tamao it is too late for them.

Oversoul and Spirit Medium

Tamao has two oversouls which depends on what spirit she integrates into her spirit medium, the planchette. The oversoul Kokkuri Cupid is formed from Conchi and the planchette while the oversoul Kokkuri Angel is formed from Ponchi and the planchette.
  • Oversoul Kokkuri Cupid: Love Strike - She fires an arrow.
  •  Oversoul Kokkuri Angel - She uses the planchette as a shield.
  •  Oversoul: Kokkuri Angel! Tan-Tan-Tanuki and it 1,000-Tatami Ghost Bubble - She uses Ponchi as a bubble to trap her enemies.
Voiced by
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Nana Mizuki
Veronica Taylor
General Information Edit
Name: Tamamura Tamao
Name: 玉村 たまお
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Shaman King #6
1st anime episode: Shaman King #17
1st anime movie:
Aliases Tamara
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