Moe Mondays: My first Moe Anime, Tamako Market

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Welcome to Moe Mondays!
Welcome to Moe Mondays!

Welcome everyone to a crazy idea for a blog series! Unfortunately, I'm still a new anime fan about 2 years and 5 months old. My experiences with anime is shorter than all of you guys and gals. This is one shot Moe Monday blog because I never watch a Moe show in my life until Tamako Market.

Although Angel Beats could be my first since I thought it was Moe at first, the cast is mostly male dominated. Forgive me for misunderstanding what Moe is, I think Moe is....

Big, Doe-eyed, Cute, Gingerbread molded, Female Characters!

For those who haven't known me in this community, I did new anime trailers for upcoming seasons with my pals , , and . Every time I see new anime series using these types of characters as a way to attract people, I avoided the anime because I don't think I'll enjoy it. However, I went out of my comfort zone and tried Tamako Market.

Don't worry, I won't spoiled people who haven't seen it. Think of it as a beginner guide.


Tamako Market is produced by Kyoto Animation and directed by Naoko Yamada. The character are designed by Yukiko Horiguchi, known for her K-on and Lucky Star character designs.

It's a slice of life series that revolves around Tamako Kitashirakawa who lives at a Mochi shop in a shopping district called the Bunny Mountain which is a close knit community. One day, Tamako finds a mysterious talking bird named Dera Mochimazzi at a floral shop. After Tamako sneezes at the bird, the bird mistakes her actions as a form of affection. In Dera's customs, sneezing on the opposite sex is like a love confession.

The story goes on after Dera searches for a potential bride for his prince while living with Tamako.


If you're a fan of Yukiko Horiguchi's character designs, you'll see these art style are to die for. You might see some of the girls look liked characters from K-on! Strangely, the characters you make first impressions in the first episode will be Tamako, Dera, and the little tsundere boy next door, Mochizou Ooji. That could be in my case. You'll learn more about Tamako's friends, Kanna and Midori, in episodes 2 and 5. Dera is a keystone character that hooked me into the series. I was not interested in any of the female characters. None of them stood out to me. For you guys and gals, you'll find one character that you'll like. For me, it was Dera.

Getting to back to the subject of Moe, this series fits the theme with the cute girls whose presence has not dominate Dera's spotlight. To me, the talking bird is the most interesting one in the series in my case. There is no fan service or nothing naughty in the anime. It's for all ages.

You'll learn about mochi. Who hasn't tried mochi yet? I haven't, so I would love to try it. You'll find out that there is crazy mochi addict in the series. The series makes a lot of different flavored mochi and gets you hungry. It's Moe version of Willa Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Like I mentioned earlier, this is the last Moe Monday blog because I don't know any other Moe shows. I'll be happy to see folks in Anime Vice to take up the mantle. I made an ugly banner for this blog. Yeah, it's pretty creepy if you know Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes.

Thank you for reading this blog! I'm sorry for butchering the concept of Moe, but I had to share my experiences with my first Moe show.

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@takashichea said: You always remember your first time.

Lol. You should probably take another look at that link. I don't think that is what you're trying to say. Otherwise, great blog!

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Oops, I didn't mean that. Thanks for picking that up.

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