Tamaki's Unconscious Melancholy

Tamaki's Unconscious Melancholy is an anime episode of Ouran High School Host Club that was released on 09/05/2006
With Kasanoda now aware of Haruhi's gender, he joins the Host Club as a customer and designates Haruhi as his host, making the other hosts nervous that someone might figure out that Haruhi's a girl. Luckily, the other Host Club members are yaoi fangirls who get excited to see the (they think) two guys together.

Later, they all play hide and seek, and all of the hosts except Mori-sempai and Hunny-sempai wind up hiding together under a table. Tamaki tells the twins to stop touching his Haruhi, and Haruhi declares that she's no one's thing. Hunny-sempai notes that Tamaki is still unaware of his true feelings for Haruhi, hiding them under a fatherly facade, while Hikaru has become more aware. He also hints that Kyouya may have feelings for Haruhi as well.

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