Tale of the God-slayer

Tale of the God-slayer is an anime episode of Campione! that was released on 09/29/2012
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Metis arrives to absorb her daughter, Athena. It's up to Godou and the gang to defeat Metis and save the world.

Plot Summary

Godou explains to his gang about Metis, and Amakasu is stuck in traffic with the Gorgoneion. Metis uses Susano's katana and attacks Godou, and Yuri senses Perseus's in Metis's body. Yuri and Erica add that heroes have forged their swords and weapons from snake goddess' bodies, (IE: Perseus with Medusa and Susano with Yamata no Orochi). Erica tells Godou that they will resume their kissing. Godou takes Athena into Amakasu's car. Mariya bids Godou farewell. Metis emerges from the rubble and attacks Erica with her scythe. In the car, the others learn that Athena has lost her memories due to her fight with her mother earlier. Meanwhile, Erica holds her own against Metis with the power of Godou's divination. Ena and Yuri chant a spell to immobilize Metis, and both Erica and Liliana combined their attacks. At Mount Fuji, Athena asks Godou what is a god, and Godou replies that he used to believe that gods are beings with vast powers. Now, he feels gods are more like humans. With Yuri and the others down, Metis finds Godou's hiding spot and launches a fireball at them. Godou tells Metis that he is a pacifist, and he asks her to go back inside Athena. Metis finds it amusing that Godou has called Athena his friend.

Godou kissing Erica after he did all the ladies
Godou kissing Erica after he did all the ladies

Then, Metis attacks Godou, and Godou uses his Avatar powers to fight back. Though, Metis slashes Godou's chest, and Athena tries to help Godou. Metis slashes Athena's back, and Athena grabs Metis's scythe. Godou uses his horse avatar to launch a fireball at Metis. However, Metis remains unscathed, and she grabs Athena and lick her cheeks. She kisses Athena and absorbs her. Metis transforms into a darker version of Athena's adult form. Yuri arrives to kiss Godou, and the other girls appear by Godou's side. Metis laughs at the thoughts of them beating her. Godou kisses Ena, and Godou's golden world appears. He taps into Susano, and the katana goes back to Ena. Then, Liliana kisses Godou, and Godou's golden swords become blue. The swords begin to penetrate Metis's Divination barrier. As Godou states about Metis's origins, Metis's barrier breaks apart. Erica offers Godou a kiss of love since Godou has obtained all of the knowledge about Metis. Godou's golden swords changes from gold to silver. All the swords starts raining upon Metis.

Athena's surprise kiss
Athena's surprise kiss

After Athena splits from Metis, everyone gathers their energies and assists Godou to deliver a powerful lightning to Metis. Godou summons the boar that almost hits Metis. Metis dives towards Athena, and Godou rushes to protect Athena. Then, Athena activates Godou's Avatar, and she embraces Godou with a kiss. All the golden swords congregate into a giant scythe. Both Metis and Godou with Athena charge at each other. Godou kills Metis who tells Athena that she will be a queen of darkness forever. A brief scene reveals Duke Voban, Salvatore, and purple, mysterious, caped stranger is seen. Athena teases Godou about him taking too long. Godou thinks Athena allowed Metis to absorb her.

Moments later at Godou's home, Shizuka is annoyed that Godou has several women surrounding him. The girls all give their reasons to be with Godou, and Shizuka yells out in anger.

Points of Interest

  • Metis is Zeus' wife and Athena's mother.


  • Japanese Name: 神殺しの物語
  • Opening Theme: N/A
  • Ending Theme: "Kokoro no Senritsu (#02 ED ver.) (心の旋律)" by Asami Seto & Saori Hayami

Characters & Voice Actors

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Keizo Kusakawa Director An anime director employed at the studio Seven Arcs.
Jo Takezuki Original Concept Jo Takezuki is the original creator of Campione!


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