Tale of the Beginning

Tale of the Beginning is an anime episode of Campione! that was released on 07/06/2012
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Kusanagi Godo arrives to Italy to deliver a grimiore to a lady, Lucrezia Zora, that his grandpa has met a long time ago. He bumps into Erica Blandelli who fights a boar god and into Victor.

Plot Summary

In Italy, Godou is searching for someone to deliver the grimoire. Then, a blonde woman (Erica) threatens Godou to hand over the grimoire in Italian. When Erica notices the boy cannot speak, she asks him in Japanese. Suddenly, a roar is heard, and Erica informs him that it's a rogue god. Godou narrates how this begins his tale of becoming the 7th king. Arianna drives by in her red car, and Erica jumps on the top of the car as they ride towards the boar. Erica pulls out her Cuore di Leone sword, and as she blasts at the boar, she finds out that it takes more to kill it. Meanwhile, Godou trips, and a purple haired boy grabs the grimoire. The young boy tells him he tried to revive the king of the ancient gods and other things. Godou explains that he is delivering the artifact to his grandfather's friend, and the purple haired boy laughs. The young boy finds Godou amusing and gives back the grimoire. Suddenly, a white horse appears behind Godou and disappears when the grimoire glows.

"More wine!"
"More wine!"

In the battle with the boar god, Erica gets blast off the roof, and Godou rescues her. With the boar gone, Erica explains to Godou about rogue gods at the train station and that normal humans perceive these events as natural disaster. Godou informs Erica that he is handing the artifact to Lucrezia, and Erica teases Godou a bit. Elsewhere, a mysterious figure receives news about Lucrezia from his female servant. At Lucrezia's place, they meet the great witch who looks very young. Lucrezia asks Godou if he wants to try her body, and she continues to tease the boy. She informs them about Prometheus book and asks Godou what has happened. Lucrezia lets Godou have the artifact because of god and fate. Moments later, Godou finds Erica drunk and speaking to a mask that she mistakens for Godou. Erica demands more wine, and when Godou asks for Arianna, the young maid is also drunk much to Godou's surprise.

"Die, right here and now!"
"Die, right here and now!"

In Erica's bedroom, he takes off Erica's clothes because Erica orders Arianna (Godou) to do it. He tries to escape, but Lucrezia has her cat steal the key. On the following day, Erica slaps Godou for his perverted acts. Then, a loud boom is heard. Outside, Erica and Godou find a god walking, Melqart. According to Erica, Melqart is going to battle an opponent. She and the others go out to stop Melqart. Godou tells them that the purple haired boy is Verethragna. Lucrezia explains about the Ten Avatars in Godou's flashback. Before the gods are about to fight, Verethragna collects his avatars, the bird of prey and the ram. He states he has one more to go. Erica begs them to stop, but Verethragna strikes her with lightning. Godou rescues her, and he asks Malqart to form an alliance with him which Malqart agrees. Then, Verethragna attempts to strike Godou and Erica, but Malqart protects them with his divination. However, Verethragna uses his golden sword to cut through Malqart's Divine Interpretation barrier, and after Erica gives Godou a kiss on the cheek, Godou uses the Prometheus's Grimoire to fire at Verethragna. Godou explains he has stolen the golden sword, but he doesn't know what to do. Erica kisses Godou, and a golden light shines and radiates. Multiple golden swords appear, and one strikes Verethragna in the abdomen.

Points of Interest

  • Kusanagi's grandfather is an expert in ethnography and has traveled the world.
  • Erica is the knight of the Copper Black Cross.
  • Lucrezia Zora is the Witch of Sardinia who knows Godou's grandpa.
  • Arianna is Erica's maid who cannot make stew or drive a car properly.
  • First Kiss: It's assumed that Godou is a virgin who got his first from Erica.
  • Melqart is the king of gods that the Phonenicians worship.
  • Verethragna is the ancient Persian god of war and light.
  • The Victor is the invincible god of war who possess all then avatars: a tempest, a bull, a white horse, a camel, a boar, an adolescent, a bird of prey, a ram, a goat, and a golden sword.
  • The golden sword that can cut through a god's divination.
  • Erica notes that Godou is like Epimetheus.
  • Unnamed Characters that appear in this episode: Liliana Krancar, Duke Voban, and Athena (as a eyecatch).

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Characters & Voice Actors

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Keizo Kusakawa Director An anime director employed at the studio Seven Arcs.
Jo Takezuki Original Concept Jo Takezuki is the original creator of Campione!


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